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The orange glow of the street lamps shone on the narrow road and lit up the quiet row of houses.

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The orange glow of the street lamps shone on the narrow road and lit up the quiet row of houses. In one large window stood a table surrounded by a family sharing there past child hood moments. The young couple Erika Coal and Demetri Coal had just moved in to their new house and for a celebration dinner had gone to Erika's Aunts house. Aunt Lyla had just been telling Erika about their holiday that they were going on. Aunt Lyla wanted to give her niece a present. She brought out a box decorated with blue and silver flowers. She opened the box and brought out an object the object was a pen with gold and white symbolic Arabic writing around it, it looked like a lost treasure to Erika. Erika asked what it was the Aunt explained what the pen was. The aunt sat down suspiciously and said, "this pen holds a great power" Erika looked at her aunt weirdly and said, " what do you mean great power, it's only a pen?" The aunt answered with a grin on her face "the pen is magical, you can make wishes with the pen. That's how we got that holiday we're going on, we wished for it." Erika and Demetri bedazzled glared at each other. Erika asked her aunt inquiring, "How do you make it work?" "You mean that you can actually wish with it?" ...read more.


a woman's voice on the other side deafeningly said "is Erika there?" Demetri now completely awaken responded "what is the time?" the woman answered in a hurry and frustratingly "it's four am. It's Lyla, now is Erika there I want to say goodbye before we leave for the airport?" Demetri answered whispering trying to keep Erika asleep "she is asleep I don't want to wake her, give me a massage I'll pass it on to her if you want" Lyla unpleased answered "it's ok, just tell her that I said bye" The phone cut off. Demetri ruffled his hair at looked at the phone and put it down and went to bed silently. The morning hours passed and the clock struck one at noon Erika shouted loudly "Demetri come down lunch is ready". He came down wet just after having a shower and sat down eating the plate of food that was placed for him. Erika looked at Demetri like she wanted to suggest something. Demetri took no notice of the glare that was being reflected at him. Erika than said curiously "I was thinking about the pen" Demetri halted and looked at her, she continued "well, I think that we should use it." Demetri conspicuously took a moment to answer "what wish with it, well what would you like to wish for?" ...read more.


The solicitor then entered and followed Erika to the sitting room Demetri felt the tense atmosphere in room and looked oddly and asked, "What's the matter what's going on?" The solicitor said "there has been some terrible news of your Aunt and Uncle" he embraced himself while the two looked at him in shock and continued "On Saturday at exactly one thirty pm there plane crash I the Caribbean sea." Demetri could sea the tears gathering in Erika's eyes. The solicitor carried on "I'm very sorry for the loss there were no survivors found". Erika could not hold her self back with her tears she could not believe what he was saying. The stranger opened his briefcase up and pulled out a case file and opened them, "as you are her next of kin she has left a will and she has left you a big manor house based in Kensington London" the couple stunned looked at each other. Demetri stood up and looked up at the box he said distressingly "I don't think so, it's not possible." The couple had realised why they got the house because of their actions because of what they had wished for, the resentment for the pen was immense. The solicitor left some papers and went leaving his condolences. The couple could not understand why and what had happened but swore never to use the pen and never to give it to anyone, as it will only bring harm to them. ...read more.

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