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The Others

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  • Essay length: 1468 words
  • Submitted: 21/01/2009
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GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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How does the director create suspense in the film 'The Others'? Refer to three scenes in your answer.

The film `The Others' (2001) directed by Alejandro Amenàbar is a traditional ghost/thriller story. It is set in 1945, after the second world war and tells the story of Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) and her two children (Anne-Alacina Marn and Nicholas-James Bently) who live in an isolated grand house on the island of Jersey. It soon becomes obvious that there are `Others' sharing the house with the family, aswell as the unusual arrival of three servants. The film has many links with other horror films including `The Sixth Sense', `Rebecca' and `The Innocents'. Throughout the film it is evident that facts are being hidden not only from the characters but the audience also. The main twist in the film is that it is revealed the family and servants died, and the mother killed the two children.

The director has made the film full of anticipation and suspense. One of the main emphasises is on lighting. The two children are photosensitive therefore can't be exposed to more light than a dim candle, so the house is plunged into darkness;

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