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the outsider

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The outsider It was the last day of November. I knew this from the large calendar clock on the opposite road. I was woken by the chill of winter. I was never the first to feel the cold, because I had been used to it for so long. I was always the first to know when winter had began, because of the unpleasant surprise of my bed and myself being coated with a layer of dew in the morning. Unlike the others I could not turn the heating up; all I could do was to cover myself with another sheet of newspaper. However the gusts of the night would always blow these extra layers off. Living on bench number thirty six in central park was not my ideal place to live, but I made do with it, because I was not disturbed at night, and the odd person with an ounce of soul would give me fifty cent or so at day at day. There was also a large dumpster in the house opposite the park, where the wealthy owner of Mobile Intercom got rid of his scraps. This dumpster was reminiscent of a gourmet for a man like me. ...read more.


There was a series of messages consecutively from the private number. I read through the messages: Katherine Brown, 31, single, unemployed, Next Saturday, schedule time later. 50 k, in a case next to the tree on 8th street at 2 A guy called AJ; he'll set you with a nice pistol, or anything you need. This was when I started getting suspicious; I knew something wasn't right I saw this type of thing in films. I panicked and was going to put the phone back, but then a new message: Make sure it's done right, no evidence. Just get her in a grave before anyone knows. I decided to put the phone back, I took it to the dumpster, and discreetly placed the phone where I found it. I made my way to the police station, and saw all the regular faces. They glanced and me and sniggered to each other. I entered the police station and tried to avoid the recognizable faces, however Andy, who was the most memorable saw me. "What are you here for this time? Andy enquired. Andy was a large muscular man, who stood stout and wore his blue uniform with pride. ...read more.


From behind; I could see he was carrying a briefcase. It was like the films, a gun is sometimes carried in a briefcase. I called the last number that had sent a text. The wispy haired man who was walking at a secure pace stopped. He placed down the briefcase and answered his cell. I knew it was the killer. I ran for the case I had to stop the death. I kicked the case through the man's legs and ran with it. I thought I got away, but then I heard a "BANG!" it was a gunshot. I fell to my knees, with blood trickling from my back. The paparazzi must have heard; they scampered round the corner. The first one was quick to his phone, he dialled 911. I heard the distance siren of the ambulance, and then I wholly collapsed. "Hello, Hello," I struggled to open my eyes. As a regained consciousness, I tried speaking to the woman next to me; she was petit with a long white lab coat on. Her coat was almost trailing the ground. Speaking was however a great effort, it felt like muscles had stopped. "We have given you heavy medication; you are fine, you just need to get some rest. You are on sleeping tablets." As a drifted into a sleep I saw the faint figure of Katherine Brown. ...read more.

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