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The Outsider

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The Outsider Note: The year of this story is unknown and doesn't need to be known. It could be 889BC or 2000 years in the future. Jay Outsbridge, live an ordinary life. He attended school regularly and always got good grades. Jay, had a small group of friends who always looked out for him when he was in a rough patch. But for some reason they never had that aura to them that Jay had.. Jay saw lights. Not like lampshades, or bulbs.. Just random patches of light floating in the air. Different shapes, different sizes, different colours, different tones. Of a young age he learnt that these lights where not normal for someone to be saying, as he'd say "That's a cool coloured blue light over there, Martin." And Martin wouldn't have a clue what he's on about! Jay realised that he lost many friends this way, and up until the age of 14 he blanked them out. Never spoke of them. One day Jay was sitting in his room. It was the 20th of august and half way through the summer holidays. ...read more.


The call was very "hush hush" and they told him not to tell anyone 28th August, They pull up to the house in a Stretch limo. Its raining cats and dogs as Jays father used to say. He pulls on a Mac and runs to the car. They speak to him of.. A countless number of worlds. Different beings living in each one. Beings they call, Demonai. The Demonai come in Three classes Drones being the lowest. Merely lowly workers that run around after the higher ranks. Warriors fight humans and humanoid Demonai. The Demonai love human flesh and is often used as a reward for any class of Demonai when they do good work. The highest being a sorcerer. A magical being of endless power. That's what they thought took him, a Demonai Sorcerer. They explained to Jay that in the Demonai world, Time works differently. Their theory is that either he was in a Demonai world for a split second and in our world it was three days. Or that he was knocked out by the magic flow in the Demonai world. ...read more.


Don't pretend you don't know what you are!" "The disciples only told me what the Demonai are. They said nothing of me." Jay stuttered eventually. "Ahh, Excellent. Then let me be the first to tell you. 300,000 years ago, there lived a prophet, a Demonai prophet. His name was Aghra. He was holy amongst us Demonai. I knew him personally. A Great friend. He Said, that one day. A man would be selected by the Human God and he would be trained by the disciples and destroy the Demonai." at this point the Sorcerer grabbed me by the throat and squeezed. "Us Demonai have been hunting for this man ever since. I have tasted your blood. Remember me when I met you in your room? You came to my domain for a few minutes. Perhaps you don't.. well, your blood is as sweet as any sugar I have ever tasted. This is a sign for the Human Lord! Therefore. On this day. I shall put you into a permanent slumber... Goodbye Human Lord.. You have let your species down." With that he crushed Jays throat and he lay down. Unable to breath. His last sight was of a dwarf type Demonai wielding a double ended axe. All in a day at Emerson Park School. James Lewis ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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