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The Outsider.

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Catherine Parker 2003/2004 The Outsider As the removal van carrying all of the Johnson family's possessions drove off, fifteen-year-old Sarah looked back in great perturb. She desperately longed to go on living there. They had only moved in two years ago, and for the first eighteen months she had cherished every minute of it. That was before the accident. Now, they were having to move into a larger house, which would be more suitable for her. Sarah used to be a very active and glowing, effervescent girl, who loved spending time with her friends. She had blushing cheeks and a warm and welcoming smile that never left her exultant face. The lustrous jet-black hair that flowed down her back and glistened in the light, along with her striking personality, secured her place at the top of the popularity list. Her life was complete. Not only that, but her exclusive sporting talents were equally well known throughout the entire school. Nevertheless, six months ago when Sarah was walking the proverbial route home from school with her scores of friends, her life took a swingeing turn for the worse. She was run over by a hit and run drink driver. As Sarah stepped out and began to cross the memorable road, one that she would often cross at least twice a day, the car came tearing round the corner and straight into her. The sound of Sarah's head trouncing against the ground and the wheels of the car rolling over her legs like a packet of crisps being crushed, reverberated for miles around. It was a sound that would be permanently engraved into her friends' minds, for the remainder of their lives. Sarah was raced into hospital, and even spent a week in Intensive care, desperately skirmishing for her life. Both of her legs ere like a piece of glass that had been crushed into tiny fragments. ...read more.


She felt like an outsider and an alien on an outlandish planet. On the Sunday night prior to the morning of her first day of school, Sarah got everything ready. Providentially, the school endorsed pupils to wear trousers, which elated her to the highest degree. Ever since the accident, she had never worn a skirt and had no intentions of ever wearing one again. She had even bought a new bag and pencil case when she had been out shopping, in order to enable her with a completely fresh start. The crisp, fresh, white blouse hung from behind the also new, unbending blazer and woollen jumper. Sarah fell asleep with an irregular, nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had never felt like this before, and deep down she knew why. Sarah was timorous about going into school in a wheelchair, and what people would say to her, presuming that they would speak to her at all. Sarah woke up bright and early on the Monday morning. Unhurriedly and with awareness, she got primed and dressed. She was overjoyed to have most of her independence back, as it ensured that she could get everything just as she liked it and with that extra bit of perfection. Her hair was brushed with not a single strand out of place, and everything looked neat as a new pin. Not a crease or crinkle in the blazer, not a piece of fluff in sight. If it hadn't been for the wheelchair, Sarah would have been in no doubt and as confident as ever. As Sarah's mum pulled up outside the school, Sarah's face plummeted. She had formerly visited the school but now it looked entirely different. The colossal grey building towered over them like a monster, its vast mouth ingesting people up as they walked in. her mum went in with her, as they had a meeting with the headmistress. ...read more.


Their school hadn't won a single event, which put more and more demands onto Sarah. At long last it was her event, and for the first time since she had been at the school, someone said something pleasant to her. It was only two small words, but they meant the world to Sarah and made her feel 200% better. As her name was called out for the event and she left the team, one of the girls shouted 'Good Luck' to her. Sarah was so satisfied and overwhelmed, that she felt like kissing her. All her nerves were quickly removed, and she knew that she could win the race. As she waited for the race to start, she went over everything that she had learnt in training. "On your marks, get set, Bang!" The gun had gone off, and the race had started. Sarah pushed with all her might and by the end of the third lap she was way out in front. Only 300 metres to go and she would win. Just as they were approaching the finishing line, someone caught up with her and was directly beside her. Sarah was getting tires, but she wouldn't be beaten now. She depended on this race to win her some friends, so she had to do it. With one last push, Sarah hurled forwards and crossed the finishing line first. She'd done it! She'd won and could hardly believe it. Everyone came rushing over to her, saying well done and congratulating her on such a great achievement. The other girls all hugged and patted her on the back. She had done it! Not only had she won the race, but also she had made friends. It had worked. She looked over at her mum and dad, and an enormous smile spread across her face. A smile that had been missing for so long. As the gold medal was placed around her neck, Sarah beamed with happiness. Maybe being in a wheelchair wasn't as bad as she had thought. ...read more.

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