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The Outsiders - how does the attack on Johnny affect the boys

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Question: "how does the attack on Johnny affect the boys " In the book 'The Outsiders' a boy named Johnny is attacked by a rival gang called the Socs. In this essay I am going to explain how the attack on Johnny has affected the whole gang and friends of Johnny both emotionally and physically. We known the attack was dreadful from the reaction from each of the gang members. Also we know the attack was awful because there was blood on Johnny's clothes and there where marks from where he had been punch from rings from one the Socs. "His white t-shirt was splattered with blood." ...read more.


Steve arrived third and was immediately felt sick. "Steve closed his eyes and muffled a groan". This shows that Steve is kind of saying in his mind "oh no". Two bit Mathews arrived fourth and was not smile as usually. "And for once his comical grin was gone and his dancing eyes were stormy". This is another sign to show that the attack was bad because two bit Matthews is always happy even in a bad situation. Dally arrived fifth and had the worst reaction of all "dally was there to and was swearing under his breath and turning away sick expression on his face" this shows that is extremely bad because dally had seen people killed on the streets of New York and remained unaffected. ...read more.


Johnny who is usually the best acted of the bunch of boys know carries a flip knife around with him everywhere he goes and he never goes alone anywhere. The attack on him has had such an affect because "we were used to seeing Johnny banged up before - his father clobbered him around a lot" but Johnny still remained firm after a beating and never cried. So it meant that the beatings had finally broken him. This proved how Johnny had been affected emotionally. S.E. Hilton uses a lot of descriptive phrase and words to describe how the attack on Johnny was horrible. And this is shown in the book. Allowing the reader to feel and literally see what has happened to Johnny through the reactions and thoughts of the greaser gang. ...read more.

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