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The pain in her side grew. It was unbearable, but she still went on. She had to push herself to the very end, to victory. Everyone was cheering. Almost there, a few more steps...

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The pain in her side grew. It was unbearable, but she still went on. She had to push herself to the very end, to victory. Everyone was cheering. Almost there, a few more steps... * * * "Lisa! Lisa, wake up!" Lisa rolled over as the screams from her mother continued. She just had another one of those dreams. She tried her best not to have them for she knew that this dream would never come true. Unfortunately they continued to give her false hope. "Lisa, get up! You're going to be late for school." Her mother persisted. That's exactly the last place she wanted to be. All she wants it to be treated like everyone else. Like a normal person, but people make exceptions for her. "Alright, I'm getting up." Lisa got up, limped to her dresser and put one some clothes. Her foot had being sore for days from her intense training. "I had the dream again mom." ...read more.


She could hear them snickering behind her back. It is people like these that lessen her chance in achieving her dream. It causes her to lose faith in herself. If it were not for Mr. Cuomo, she would not be able to handle it. "Great job Lisa! You were one minute faster than last week. At the rate you're improving you will do great in the upcoming race," said Mr. Cuomo positively. As the race drew closer and closer, Lisa continued to improve. With help from Mr. Cuomo she had been building more and more self-confidence. However her confidence was shattered on the day before the race. During practice she was tripped by one of the other girls. Everyone laugh and made fun of poor Lisa. This tore Lisa's spirits. She didn't want to run anymore. 'Why should I run if everyone laughs at me and no one believes in me?' thought Lisa as she tears streamed down her face. ...read more.


It was a grueling run; up steep hills, through thick forest paths, and along the river. All Lisa could think about was what Mr. Cuomo had said. She used this to motivate her. Thud, thud! Thud, thud! The noise of her sneakers on the ground seemed to grow louder. The pain in her side grew. It was agonizing. How could she go on? Thud, thud! Thud, thud! "Believe, believe..." murmured Lisa to herself. There it is; the finish line! Thud, thud! Thud, thud! The sounds of her shoes were just a muffle compare to the sound of the crowd. A few more steps and...yahhh! She had finally made it. She is victorious. Instantly Lisa goes over to Mr. Cuomo to thank him. "Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you," said Lisa gratefully. "Not bad at all. I'm very proud of you. You finally finished a race. Even if you came in last place you're number one in my books," Mr. Cuomo said with a smile. "How's your leg doing?" he asked. "Not bad. I finally proved everyone that can travel just as far on one real leg." ...read more.

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