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The park- description

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English Coursework:- Park Description, Year 9. By Megan King. The lush green lawns of the neighbouring homes complimented the striped fields of Leyland Park. From afar, the small children and grown adults could not be seen climbing the monkey bars and walking their dogs; such a distance made each and every soul appear so small and insignificant. The municipal park of Hindley was nothing on the ornamental gardens at Wigan Formal Community Park, but it was cosy enough for inhabitants of this small town to nestle in, and to meet with friends. It was, in all honesty, a cheap alternative to an expensive day out elsewhere. But the fun activities available there were quite enough for the humble residents of Hindley. A ring of a dark, floral border outlined the boundaries of the council's land used to this community's benefit, and from an aerial view, the malnourished, thirsty earth was clearly separated from the lush lawns of the surrounding sea of newly-built homes. ...read more.


As his deep voice - which seemed to be put on considering such a low voice for a boy so young may have been almost impossible - bellowed through clasped hands drawn up to his pale face, a loud, boisterous roar echoed through the trees, abusing Derek's ears, not to mention his name. Although such vulgar words spluttering out of this young man's mouth could be seen as a shameful offence, Derek's approach to demeaning behaviour had worn down over the years, as he seemed to barely acknowledge the fact that this youth was disgracing Derek's torn-down reputation. Once the twelve year old had crawled back to his group of friends situated at their regularly allocated area of the park, Derek managed to pull together a glimmer of energy to close up the weary park, fighting with the rusty lock and key until they co-operated. As Derek wandered around the beautiful yet disorderly park, memories of him and his beloved wife running the park late on a Sunday morning darted around his imagination, pushing his lopsided lips to a smile, caressed by salty tears which ran down his haggard cheeks. ...read more.


Community was once a great thing in Hindley, but that was swept away along with Derek's wife in the immense storm that attacked the village one Sunday. Derek's mind hit back to reality as he glanced over at the murky water of the huge pond beside the bandstand, now a danger zone for anybody who wasn't in the age group of 'chav'. Setting free a sigh of a tiresome old man, Derek breathed out into the July air, only wishing for somebody to recognise his pain. Having not spoken for twenty years, Derek lived only on the memories he relived in the wonderful park in Hindley. Limping wearily back to his shadowed hut on the entrance trail, Derek breathed in, longing for the wondrous smell of a 1980's Sunday morning to enlighten his musky lungs, he welcomed in the lurking stench of a nearby burning of familiar driftwood. As Derek hauled up his heavy, grey eyes and freed a gasp of horror from his wrinkled lips, the elderly man saw his beloved shack's ashes crawling wearily to the floor. WORD COUNT: 1,025 words. ...read more.

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