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The Parks of London.

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THE PARKS OF LONDON London can really boast about its variety of parks. London parks are spectacular and truly amazing. You can never imagine city such as London to have so much green and open space. In every part of London you can find at least one park. Hyde Park is the most prominent and famous London park. Surrounded with Queensway and Bayswater from north (plenty of youth hotels and hostels) with Mayfair from east (American Embassy, Bond Street, and the Intercontinental hotel), Kensington on west and Knightsbridge on south, this park has the best London location from where you can reach main shopping areas. Being 360 acres in size it can take some time to cross it over. In summer time there is an option of renting a small boat and gently paddling in the lake, or maybe fishing in certain places. Special license is required for fishing there. Also there is a place for roller-skating. Near Marble Arch at the Speakers Corner everyone is free to scream at the whole wide world or have a normal debate with strangers about any topic. ...read more.


It is the home of Duke and Duchess of Kent. People are not allowed to go inside. Short walk from the Palace you will emerge on to Parliament Square and see splendor of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Another splendid park is Regent's Park. Situated in the northwest of London, this park can offer you variety of fun and leisure. Inside the park is boating lake where you can rent a boat and take pictures of birds nesting on an island found in the middle of the lake. If you are avid lover of beautifully cultivated flowers you will have memorable experience. With plenty of chairs and benches around, you could just sit and watch the time pass you by. There is small restaurant inside the park but a cup of coffee or tea is very expensive. People usually bring a picnic basket with them. On the north side of the park is London Zoo. The park is also the home of Regents College with many foreign students who have come here for further education. ...read more.


Hundreds of butterflies fly all around you and you can sneak a look at a day in the life of an ant colony. You will see how well organized these little creatures are and how they rummage through the forest. The last park I want to tell you about is Richmond Park. It is HUGE. With a kind of wild exterior this park has certain look that will calm you and maybe extinguish the way we live urban life. If you go early in the morning with a picnic basket in one hand and blanket in the other you will have a good chance of seeing deer grazing and walking around the park. They often roam around in the summer months. Relationship between locals and deer has been long time established and deer became very tame. By the way, they are Royal property so if people are driving through the park they must be very careful and look out for them crossing the road. London is full of parks and green spaces and it doesn't matter if it's just a small pool with surrounding trees or a park like the magnificent and slightly wild in appearance Richmond Park. They are all very beautiful and well worth visiting. ...read more.

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