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The Perfect Dream Girl Living in a Barbie world

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The Perfect Dream Girl Living in a Barbie world (Introduction) She's smart, fashionable, and the star of numerous movies. She has a kid sister, lots of friends, cousins, boyfriend and she seems to have tried every career known to man. Her feet were made for heels, her hair made for styling, and she celebrates holidays with the best of them. She's Barbie! This popular doll, launched 47 years ago, is very much present in every young girl's life, with 3- to 10-year-olds in the UK owning an average of eight Barbie dolls, and only 1% not owning any at all. Every half-second, somewhere in the world another Barbie is sold. For many years, Barbie dolls were considered a healthy role model for young girls: her blonde hair and blue eyes spoke of an ideal innocence and many a happy hour was spent by little girls everywhere, brushing Barbie's hair, changing her clothes or making up stories around her activities. Barbie is essentially a plastic doll, yet her existence and success over the course of the last four decades proves otherwise. But as popular as Barbie became she is not without controversy with many people criticizing the doll widely for her figure as they believe it is giving ...read more.


Barbie dolls should be made to promote other more healthy types of beauty, because, come on! - how many people are born with perfect bodies and perfect hair like a Barbie doll?! Women are constantly dying their hair and many are trying to get cosmetic surgery done so that they can look like the perfect plastic doll!' I agree, this cannot be a safe and healthy choice and young girls have enough pressure on them to try to be and look perfectly beautiful, like a Barbie doll, with every magazine on every newsstand full of pictures of anorexic looking women who think that they are beautiful with their bones popping out in every direction! This definitely is not healthy. We must put a stop to fake beauty, and doll companies should start making dolls that show, promote, and support healthy weights and realistic and natural beauty. Danielle Easterwood top fashion designer No As a person who grew up surrounded by Barbie dolls I believe they give young girls a dream to reach for. Barbie makes them believe that it is possible to be intelligent, successful, beautiful, and loved. ...read more.


A doll should not even be considered for a model to mould your own life around. I think that society places way too much emphasis on dolls being role models for young girls. I think we need to look at real role models. Another interesting issue about Barbie being a role model is the plain and simple fact that Barbie does not speak. From the real, human role models, young girls are not seeing a positive image. Think of Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan ... pick a pop star at random, and they are probably all inappropriate for a young girl because of how they act and what they say. The only time Barbie ever speaks is if she has a button on her back and then the only words she utters are "You're my friend!" Barbie dolls are not the problem. In fact, they are even a positive influence on most children's creativity and affirm their beliefs that they can achieve great things. So there you have it - both sides of this week's hot topic. But what do you think, are you a plastic wannabe or do you take the moral highground? Log on to our website at www.sugarmagazine.co.uk and share your views on the forums or text us on 020 7150 7087. ...read more.

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