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The perfect murder

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The perfect murder Where am I? Was the first thought that shot through my mind. Everything was different. There were four unfamiliar faces in the room. The sunlight glazing warmly upon my face through the open windows. I could see my reflection in the life size mirror next to me. I didn't recognise myself as my black hair looked like the dead against my pale face. Sharp pains struck my arm as I noticed the needles sticking into it. "Mr Jonathan Russell?" My pounding hard hammered hard against my chest. Was I going to die? "Your blood results came back, you somehow got rat poison into your blood stream but it has been taken care off." The strange voice continued. "Oh" I murmured, unknowingly of what was going on. "So you just have to sign the release forms then you may go." Two chubby cheerful doctors turned and walked away. Still confused I leaped out of bed, packed my ancient red suitcase and marched over to the bustling reception desk to sign my release forms. Whilst I stood in amazement on the polluted pavement waiting for a taxi to take me home in went into a trance. ...read more.


She said smiling from ear to ear showing of her glittering white teeth. Feeling flushed my freshly painted blue walls came into focus. That's when it happened, in this exact room. That was the fantastic night Claudia conceived. I'm a dad! At that stage I wasn't sure how I felt, I just knew I had to get custody of my son no matter what it takes. Furiously I glared at Claudia and my son the following day in the leafy covered park. How could she not have told me? The following morning I was woken by a well-known voice saying, "See you seven o'clock at Gatwick airport." Then I struck me it was Claudia! "Trrrrrrrrrr" It can not possibly be six o'clock already, I thought by myself as I switch the ongoing alarm off. Anxious yet nervous I stood outside Gatwick airport. There she is, stroking Johnty's fluffy dark hair affectionately. Slowly my feet dragged on the rigid ground as I walked towards them. "Sorry miss, can you come with me? We found illegal drugs inside your car and we need to take you to the police station immediately." ...read more.


Blood spat around the damp walls as I watched her fall helplessly to the dusty floor. I realised what I've done. Scared to death I put the gun into her hands making it seem like suicide. Every time there was a knock on the door or the phone rang I dreaded answering it, petrified it might be the police suspecting me for Claudia's murder. Days went past but still there was n sign of the police or me having custody of Johnty. Suddenly there was a bang on the front door. My heart jumped into my throat. Was it the police? The unbearable squeak of the door made me even tenser. As I looked down in guilt at the carpeted floor waiting to be arrested I saw a pair of female feet dressed in a pair of black heels. Slowly I looked up only to find Tiffany's tear stained face. "She's dead." Tiffany whispered. Feeling shallow and ashamed of what I have done I still had the nerve to question her. Tiffany told me information about Claudia which I never would have guessed. After all I have been through physically and mentally just to find that Johnty was never mine and he never will be. Claudia had an affair..... And she tried to murder me. ...read more.

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