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The person i met in Heaven. (Original Writing)

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The Person I Met in Heaven I stood there, motionless. Shock had taken over my body like a disease. I started shaking; my body going into panic mode. I collapsed, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't move. I just sat, looking, staring. I screamed, and then I was in total darkness. This was the last memory going through my head before... I opened my eyes. As I sat up to see where I was, I felt a cool breeze against my cheeks. I saw that I was lying in the middle of a massive field with trees surrounding it. I knew where I was straight away. I had been thinking about this place for thirty years. I looked around, this place was the same, but, it just had a softer atmosphere then I remembered. The sky seemed to glow. Almost like a dream. Except, this wasn't a dream, this was real. I got up to look around, and then suddenly I heard a voice. ...read more.


It wasn't your fault, okay? Stop blaming yourself. I've been watching over you for thirty years and there are so many things you could've done. You turned down so many opportunities to meet new people and..." she paused, "you just had no confidence in yourself. And that's because of me." She looked as defenceless as she did when her parents died in that car crash when she was fourteen. Being in care had messed her up a bit, and I knew that she had been on anti - depressants for a while. But wouldn't anyone be like her in her situation? I had never expected her to kill herself. I sat down next to her, then, finally breaking the silence, I spoke. "Why?" The word shot through the air like a dart. I looked at Katy. "I know you were upset about your parents but..." I stopped to think about what I was saying. Scared of what her reaction might be if I said the wrong thing. ...read more.


You were my best mate. Why would it have been your fault?" I thought about my answer, but to be honest, I had no idea. Finally, I just said everything that I felt. "All these years I had just thought about you, and the fact that I was having fun when you were gone. It just didn't feel right. I suppose that's okay for the first few months right? But I know I shouldn't've dragged it out. I just didn't feel right. I felt like I was betraying you in some way." We looked at each other in a knowing way. In a way that meant not to carry on with the conversation. That it was finished and didn't need to be mentioned again. I sighed with relief. It felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my chest. I grabbed Katy's hand and we walked around the place that I had been thinking about for thirty years. The place where me and Katy spent most our time. A massive field with trees surrounding it. I felt a cool breeze against my cheeks. I felt at peace with myself. This was my heaven, and nobody could ever take it away from me again. ...read more.

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