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The Phone Call.

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The Phone Call She ran, not knowing where she was heading. The only thoughts in her head at that time were "Must run! Must keep going. Can't stop!" She was starting to regret eating the snack earlier. As she hardly ate a thing, the tiniest morsel of food could seem like she had eaten a three course meal. But if she had known before about what was going to happen she would have lost her minute appetite. But she couldn't have known it was going to go pear-shaped, could she? It had started out as a normal November morning, chilly and breezy, with the lazy sun not quite quenching the thirst for sunlight from the grass. The girl had set off for school, Cliffmont High School, at about 7:00am, her usual time. It was only a mile walk to the bus stop, but it took her a good fifteen minutes. She lived in the outskirts of Detroit, in a place known as Plady Way. It was not the friendliest area. Arriving at school was something the girl enjoyed very much. She liked to make an entrance. As it set off, she could hear the engine whispering quietly underneath her, while the heating purred loudly, like a cat being stroked under its chin. ...read more.


See you there." And with that he hung up. The girl stood there, not moving. Whatever was happening tonight was not a play in the park. Coming back to her senses, she put the phone back on the hook, and turned back to face the mall. For once she was glad of the noisy buzz of the crowd. She hurried through Hecht's, anxious to get home. Little did she know that she was being watched, b someone whom she barely knew. The person had unusual features, with wide, staring, deep blue eyes, a perfect nose, and full lips. It was Lyla. Getting into her car, the girl sped home. She had an uneasy feeling that something wasn't right, but she managed to put that to the back of her mind and concentrate on driving. Nervous thoughts were flowing through her head. She wondered about what the conversation had been about, though she had a pretty good idea. She also wondered who the call was meant for. A shiver ran up her spine as she thought about the first words that were said by that cold, chilling voice. "The deed has been done." And what were the package, and the deal? She had become even more involved when she found it was happening in Plady Way. ...read more.


"I also wanted to ask you what you were doing on the phone in the mall earlier on." A look of malice appeared in her eyes, and her whole expression changed. "You heard more than you were meant to. Eavesdropping is a bad habit you know. I usually get my associates to deal with eavesdroppers, but since they're not here, I guess I'll have to do it!" And with that she lunged, pinning the girl to the bed. The girl tried to yell, but it was too painful, and Lyla was covering her mouth. Lyla reached down and got a pillow from under the bed. The girl wriggled, struggling to get free. Out in the waiting area, the girl's parents had arrived. The nurse was leading them through. They passed a relaxed, pretty girl with unusual features; wide, staring, deep blue eyes, a perfect nose, and full lips. She was calmly heading for the hospital exit. The parents carried on walking. "I think she might be still asleep," the nurse informed them, "but you can go and sit by her if you want." All three entered the room. The girl's eyelids were closed, but her chest was no rising and falling like it was meant to. The nurse looked at the monitor, and saw with alarm that there were two straight lines on the screen. It was producing a monotonous bleeping tone. Cammy was dead. 20/05/03 Hannah Gregory ...read more.

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