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The Phone call

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The Phone Call 8.00 p.m, light winds were whistling gently, as I walked towards a dark, foul alley way, which I was used to, as it was a daily part of my life for me to go through there. I got onto the main road and started walking at a faster pace as it started to get a bit unpleasantly cold, I noticed something rather unusual that day something that I had never seen on this road before, a telephone booth. It wasn't really anything special but I just felt quite weird about it being here, as I got towards it the weather got really bad, the rain started pouring down, so I quickly got into the phone booth as it was the nearest shelter to be found. The rain was hitting the phone booth so hard that it felt as if nails were being hammered into it. I looked at my phone and realised the battery was almost gone. As the rain started to calm down, I started walking again but just as I opened the booth door, the telephone rang. ...read more.


"Don't think of calling for help, it'll take me one phone call and your family will be gone forever, just act normal Keane and you'll be fine". I began to think why I ever answered this phone? My heart was jumping, and sweat ran through my fingers. "Ok, Ok but what do you want?" "I want a lot, Keane." "I'll give you anything money, my house, my car anything. You name it, just don't hurt my family." "Haha Haha, Keane, I don't need your money. What I want is you to listen to me and do what I say understand?" His voice was started to get aggressive and controllable. I had no choice but to listen. As the phone slipped out of my hand I saw 3-4 people walking towards the phone booth. "Keane?" said the voice on the phone. "Oi get out, we need the phone!" shouted the gang of people. "Keane, tell them that you're using the phone and tell them to find another booth." ...read more.


"Well, what you waiting for; put the gun to your head." "WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?!" "Well, you don't love your family as much as you said, I guess I'll have to kill them," sniggered the voice. I had no choice, these were my last moments, I wanted a miracle to happen but I knew nothing was going to save me. "Keane what are you thinking?" What was I thinking? I was thinking this is it now, I had no choice; I loved my family I couldn't see them hurt. So I pulled my arm up, trembling. I took my last breath, my finger ready on the trigger, "I love you Michelle and Mica, and I'll always be looking down at you." I whispered to myself. "Don't worry Keane, I'll love your wife and daughter," laughed the voice, I looked around nervously for the last time, hoping that someone would see me, but not a voice was to be heard. I closed my eyes and felt my fingers lose life as I clenched on to the gun. My other hand fisted tightly around the phone and feeling my nails digging into my palm, I pulled the trigger... Harjoyt Sandhu ...read more.

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