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The Piano Assignment.

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The Piano Assignment Two In the film "The Piano", it displays varieties of themes like love, loyalty, betrayal and etc. Beneath each theme lie the values which were shown throughout the film. It was about a woman who doesn't speak since the age of six and her relationship with her daughter and her piano. Because of her actions, it had affected some of the characters in the film. Love and loyalty was also shown in the film. Stewart loved Ada but never did he know that Ada would actually be in loyal to him. He was too angry that he chopped off Ada's finger. This scene was over exaggerated. Though Ada was in the wrong for having an affair with George, he should have confronted her instead of chopping off her finger. By doing this, he was actually spoiling his relationship with Ada and her daughter who actually saw the scene. It could also have a great impact on her. ...read more.


The scenes were a mixture of the 19th century and 20th century values. The way they had dressed themselves were liked the 19th century. Ada committed adultery, which didn't match the 19th century values. It seldom happened during that time. In the 19th century, the women had no say in anything and were only allowed to stay at home. Women had to obey the men. But in this case, this wasn't true. The woman who was always with the maids weren't like one. She could talk to Stewart like a man talking to him. She didn't look like she was scared of him. Instead, she was always giving advice to him. The sound made by the piano didn't match those shown in the film. It sounded more like a grand piano. From the way they had made the film, it had displayed the values engaged with the real world in both the early century and the later eras. ...read more.


When George saw, he stormed off. This could show that he was jealous. Ada had a smile on her face. Maybe Ada wanted to test if he was really interested in her or she deliberately wanted to make him angry and jealous. The theme jealousy wasn't very clear. It was quick view and it didn't often appear. Most of the themes liked love was shown naturally throughout the film. On the other hand, we could miss out some of the points too. The actions of the story could show that. But, the way Stewart had treated Ada did not show that he loved her. If we had not watched the beginning, we might have doubt whether they were husband and wife. Whenever they were together they seemed to be like strangers, very shy with each other. In conclusion, it was a nice movie filled with emotions, tragedy and happiness though some of the values did not match the 19th century ones. The values occurred quite naturally throughout the whole film. The outline of the story was good. It made the audience anxious about the ending. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tan Siew Peng 1 ...read more.

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