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The plane was small, only about a 20 seater. It had propellers that filled the plane with an annoying drone. The pilot said we would soon be at our destination. He said it was 11:45 am and it was a clear sunny day.

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Story The plane was small, only about a 20 seater. It had propellers that filled the plane with an annoying drone. The pilot said we would soon be at our destination. He said it was 11:45 am and it was a clear sunny day. Finally, I was free, away from the everlasting stress of the office and the city. Relaxation for two weeks, not a worry on my mind, except that old plane. The pilot announced we were on the final descent, we're to put our seats upright and fasten our seat belts. That was the worst part of the flight. I hate landing, I hate the pressure change. As we hit the hot tarmac and were safely on the ground, I could see the beautiful jungle and the sun in the sky. Finally I had arrived in paradise. Walking down the corridor of the airport I was thinking, that, that was the last bit of the western world I would see and then be free. First of all, I had to find my guide though. He didn't say where he was going to meet me though. There were so many people in the airport, I thought I would never find him but just then I saw a sign with my name on. ...read more.


Maybe they couldn't be bothered coming down to get me. Know I had to worry about getting the ropes off me. I went to a tree stump and rubbed the ropes on my wrist up and down until they were weak enough to snap them with my hands. I then untied the ropes on my ankles. Every move I made, made my arm hurt. I must have broken it. I used the rope as a sling for my arm, but I then noticed the cuts down my left side, there was nothing I could do about them. I then set off in the direction I had come from and walked back up to the road. I didn't know how long I had been unconscious for so I didn't know how far I had travelled with the men. As I reached the road I realised, that if they were going to come back for me, they would come back on the road. So I had to stay off the roads, but follow them and direct myself from a distance. It was getting dark quickly, and I must have only been walking for a short while and I decided it is better I stop and sleep in a tree. My arm was really hurting by now and I was feeling short sharp stabbing pains as I moved. ...read more.


I woke to the sounds of nature again. I glanced down to the bottom of the tree, I noticed the tiger was gone. Maybe he felt sorry for me and let me go or maybe he just got bored waiting for me and concentrated on catching something else. I climbed down the tree I set off back on the road. I decided I would travel on the road and risk being caught. By now my vision was slightly better and I could make things out much easier. As I was walking I heard the noise of an engine. It was the masked men back to get me. I started to run, and then I tripped. I started to scream, this was it for me. They were going to shoot me. I turned round and it wasn't the men but it was Peter. I started to cry. I was finally going home. He ran up to me and picked me up. I hugged him and continued to cry. As we walked back to his Mercedes, which was now covered in dust, I asked him how he found me? He said that some locals saw me go into the jungle and he knew that it was most likely I had been kidnapped by the men and he was just coming along the road to see if he could find me. He then asked me what happened? "Not much" By Matthew Malkin 1707 ...read more.

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