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The Planners and the City Planners

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"The Planners" (Boey Kim Cheng) and "The City Planners" (Margaret Atwood) "The City Planners" by Margaret Atwood and "The Planners by Boey Kim Cheng" are two poems that are very similar in their ideas and images about human hand in nature. Both of them are critical to this, so both poets make references about what they think and feel while writing them. In the poem "The Planners", we can see the author's response to and assessment of city planners, architects and designers and their way of doing their jobs. He brings out how these people plan perfectly every building and makes great use of space and how society is blinded by this particular perfect order. ...read more.


He also compares the planning as mathematics with some kind of irony. He introduces an enumeration where he describes a narcotic effect of the planning: "Anaesthesia, amnesia, hypnosis". The poet finishes his poem saying that he will not be pessimistic because he will not stain the present. "But my heart would not bleed poetry. Not a single drop to stain the blueprint of our past's tomorrow". In the poem "The City Planners", I can find more irony than in the previous poem. She describes a boring and colorless situation in the city because is Sunday, and streets are empty. She uses personifications and visual images to show the structure of the city: "the houses in pedantic rows, the planted sanitary trees..." ...read more.


After analyzing both poems I can conclude that these poems are very similar, but I can find some differences between them. The ideas and images that poets refer to, are similar, but also there is a main theme in common that is the discomfort of the urbanization. The difference between these two is that Atwood believes that nature will strike again and destroy everything that human planning had created, while Cheng insists on the opposite: nature may not come back because of the continuous growing up and out of cities. Both poets make their poems very effective because it make readers understand how this "crazy" urbanization is erasing nature and its possible flaws. Really, I don't think nature may have any flaws. On the contrary: the urbanization is the one how may have them. Gonzalo Garc�a Barreiro Poetry ...read more.

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