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The play 'A View from the Bridge' is set in the 1940's in a place called Red Hook in America. Arthur Miller is the writer of this play

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'A View from the Bridge' The play 'A View from the Bridge' is set in the 1940's in a place called Red Hook in America. Arthur Miller is the writer of this play and he has been quoted as saying that this play is based on a lot of his own personal experiences. The culture of Red Hook is a mixture of the newly formed American culture and the Sicilian culture, which has come through immigrants being brought here from Sicily. The main characters in the play are Eddie Carbone, who is a long shoreman, his wife Beatrice, their niece Catherine who is adopted, and there are Beatrice's two cousins, called Marco and Rodolfo, who are illegal immigrants from Sicily, looking for work in America. Beatrice and Eddie are both American citizens, and were born in America, but their grandparents were from Sicily. Catherine has been raised and brought up by Beatrice and Eddie since she was a young child and Eddie has grown attached to her and is very protective of her due to his incestuous attraction to her. ...read more.


It is important for Alfieri to be a character as well as the narrator in the play because as the narrator he comes in to speak directly to the audience and keep us interested in what is happening. As a character in the play, he is important because he talks to Eddie and tries to help him, because he understands him. He gives the audience insights into Eddie's character. His view of him is as if he thinks Eddie is a tragic Aristotalian hero who has uncontrollable passions of love that drive him to his end. Eddie is seen as the 'boss' in his household, at the beginning of the play everyone has a lot of respect for Eddie and they ask for his approval of their actions. When Rodolfo and Marco are at Eddie's house we see Eddie showing off his power in front of them, but his weakness is Catherine and his secret love for her, which leads to him losing his respect from family and friends. ...read more.


But I don't think you want to do any think about that do you?" Alfieri is referring to the American law here. Eddie breaks the unwritten law when he informs the immigration office about Marco and Rodolfo being illegal immigrants, Eddie told the Immigration Department even though Alfieri advised him not to as he said "you'll not have a friend in the world. As soon as Eddie had broken the Sicilian code no one if he had lived would have spoken to him again in Red Hook. Alfieri recognises this. He tries to protect Eddie from Marco, who he knows will seek revenge, but he also knows that any oath that Marco swears will mean little as Marco believes that he has a right to seek his own justice. At the end of the play, Alfieri talks about 'mourning' Eddie with a certain 'alarm' suggesting that he understood Eddie a little too well. Alfireri begins and ends the play, he acts as a 'chorus' figure setting the scene, adding detail and keeping the audience focused and interested. ...read more.

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