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The play, An Inspector Calls is written by J.B Priestley.

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An Inspector Calls The play, An Inspector Calls is written by J.B Priestley. It was written in 1945 and set in 1912, just before World War One. The play is all set in the Birling household in Bromley. In the play the Birlings and Gerald Croft are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald. The are all celebrating in a self-satisfied way. Arthur Birling is telling Eric and Gerald about every man should be for himself and that everyone should look out for themselves and their families. There is a knock on the door and 'Inspector Goole' bears the news of a young woman who died in an infirmary from drinking disinfectant. The Inspector slowly implicates all of the Birlings and Gerald into the suicide of the girl, Eva Smith. Mr.Birling fired Eva from her job, as she wanted a small pay-rise. Sheila got Eva fired from a job in Milwards by using her social power just because she was jealous of her. Gerald had met her and gave her a place to stay, but had then left her after a while. Eric had met her in a pub and then made love to her and got her pregnant; he then stole money from his father, Arthur to help support her. ...read more.


Arthur makes out to be a man who can do as he pleases just because of his social and business position. Priestley also makes Arthur say things like '-the Titanic- she sails next week-forty-six thousand eight hundred tons-New York in five days-and every luxury-and unsinkable' Priestley made Arthur say this knowing full well that the Titanic was sinkable and did sink! I think Priestley is trying to make out about how wrong Arthur is on many aspects of life and that he is also wrong in thinking 'every man for himself.' Mrs. Birling forces herself away from the family and acts distant, like she doesn't want to be there. She tries to make herself free of guilt from Eva's death. She also tries to accept no blame in what happened to Eva. Sheila feels guilty about what happened to Eva and I think by the end of the play the moral has got through to her. Near the beginning of the play Sheila is happy with life. She also abuses the fact that she is the daughter of a rich businessman. Eric, like Sheila feels guilty about Eva's death and the role he played towards it. He is quiet and drinks a bit too much than what is good for him. ...read more.


I think Priestley has decided to do it this way as it can show the audience and the characters that if something doesn't end up happening, it easily could have. I think this because it was believed by the Birlings and Gerald that the Inspector had used many different girls and said it was one girl and that there wasn't even a dead girl in the infirmary. But when the phone call came it was realised that a girl had died in an infirmary. I think the play is a good play and that Priestley has achieved his main aims and got the moral through to the audience and the characters. The play is set in a unity of time, place and action so as the audiences find out more about the play so do the characters. I think the speech at the end of the play by the Inspector is the strong point and really brings out the moral. In the speech at the end the Inspector is saying that Eva was just one mistreated girl and there are many, many more in the world and if people do not realise this soon they will be taught by 'fire, blood and anguish'. So the Inspector is implying that if people do not change their ways people will die. So all in all I think Priestley has achieved his main aims and gets the moral through to both his audiences and his characters very well. ...read more.

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