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The play 'Death of a salesmen' is based upon the American dream.

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Death of a Salesman Coursework Happy said to Biff " you had the wrong dream " comment on this. The play 'Death of a salesmen' is based upon the American dream. The American dream in the play is envisaged with ambition and the reality of what is actually happening. Happy, the son of Willy Loman and brother of Biff Loman uses his father as a role model. Like him he wants to be successful, well liked, wealthy and a good businessman. The image of his father is based upon what he is told and not necessarily reality. Willy Loman is the driving force in the family behind the American dream and wants his sons, both at the present time in the play and the past in the play, to be successful and become 'well liked'. From the very beginning of the play Willy is portrayed as being exhausted, and we are made clear of his exaggerated dreams "I'm vital in New England" Willy has high hopes for his sons and especially Biff, his favourite. But Willy finds something lacking in him; "The trouble is he's lazy goddamit!... Biff is a lazy bum!" Soon later both Willys mental state and financial status are revealed in a conversation to Linda, his sons supposedly not aware of his true financial status. ...read more.


Biff is distraught, he is upset and angry with his father and realises the truth, the truth about everything, the lies, his father and where they really belong; Biff: Don't touch me, you-liar! Willy: Apologize for that! Biff: You fake! You phony little fake! This incident in the restaurant explains why Biff has been so negative towards his father compared to the dreams that Willy has about the past. Biffs feeling about his father, bother and where they should be in life is clearly shown in this quote, when Biff vomits out his true feeling at once. " I don't care what they think! They've laughed at dad for years and you know why? Because we don't belong in this nuthouse of a city. We should be mixing cement on some open plane, or-or carpenters." For Biff, the dream is dead and the reality of everyday life must be faced. Unlike Biff Happy is completely oblivious to what his father is and has been doing, not even reacting when he finds out that his dad has been borrowing money from Charley and claiming it was his earnings, or when Willy tells them that he lost his job. ...read more.


Willy eventually committing suicide to provide the family with enough money. Happy after Willys death still insists on carrying out Willys dream and follow in his footsteps as he denies to realise the actual truth about himself and his father; Happy: I'm staying right here in this city, and I'm gonna beat this racket!... The Loman Brothers! ... I'm gonna show you and everybody else that Willy Loman did not die in vain. He had a good dream. The words from happy 'he had a good dream' signify that Happy adopted his fathers dream and agrees with it, although it was a failure, unrealistic and not the dream that 'men built like Adonis' should be having. Unlike Biff Happy is going to follow his fathers footsteps and has not realised that the Lomans never belonged in a city, they, especially Willy had the ability to be craftsmen, it was reality and Biff realised this. It was not that Biff had the wrong dream, but that Willy led the Lomans to the wrong dream that and Biff realised this at the same time as losing respect for his father and losing his confidence, motivation but unlike his family he found himself and although he might not have found his perfect job he has found where he and his family do not belong, the American Dream. Jason Pegnall 11TM ...read more.

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