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The play "Our day out" is about a disastrous school trip and two teachers who continuously fight over the way the children should be disciplined.

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Our day out The play our day out is about a disastrous school trip and two teachers who continuously fight over the way the children should be disciplined. Mrs Kay is the teacher who cares and is kind to the children Mr Briggs is hard on the kids and very strict. He thinks that the kids just muck about. We can tell the play is meant to be watched because on the coach the children were sticking two fingers up at the window at the people behind, this shows that Mr Briggs is right for the way he is because all the teachers are too soft and he will punish them. ...read more.


So Mr Briggs doesn't let the children have any fun. The kids favor Mrs Kay because she is relaxed with them and they know they can get away with messing about. Mrs Kay believes in letting her pupils have fun. She feels sorry for them and does not believe they can be educated "even if you cared do you think you could educate the kids my remedial kids because you're a fool if you do". This shows that Mrs Kay believes the kids don't stand a chance when they leave school which is not the right attitude for a teacher to have. Although she is relaxed, Mrs Kay is not a complete pushover "Brian bring a note" this shows that Mrs Kay knows that Brian will just go round the corner and say they can go. ...read more.


But when Mr Briggs lets the kids have some fun at the zoo the kids just let him down by tanking the animals from the zoo. "I trusted you lot (pause) I trusted you And this is the way you repay me". Mr Briggs feels let down by the children and feels that they are taking him for a bit of a ride. Here, I think it is right for him to get angry. Russell uses aggressive language to demonstrate Brigg's character like when he threatens Linda. The stage direction says: "Learning in close. Threatening." This is an inappropriate way for Russell to behave. Russell shows the difference between the two teachers by creating two teachers that have two different views on teaching. I think the best teacher is Mr Briggs because he doesn't take any of the nonsense from the children. ...read more.

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