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The play, 'Our Day Out', was written from many of Russell's life experiences at Shorefields Comprehensive School.

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The play, 'Our Day Out', was written from many of Russell's life experiences at Shorefields Comprehensive School. This was where he taught from 1973-4. In that year at Shorefields he once accompanied a teacher of the remedial department on a school outing. This was to Conway Castle and the zoo from the remedial class. But, at the very last minute the deputy head teacher of the school decided to come on the trip with the remedial children. Through out the trip the deputy head teacher lightened up and relaxed. However, at the end of the trip he reverted to his typical self. In doing so, he ruined the positive achievements of the trip. The stage directions of a play are an important feature because they can say a lot about a characters personality and characteristics. Stage directions show how a character does or says something. For example 'suddenly barks', this suggests that the character says something at once in an abrupt manner. Therefore from this quotation I can infer that the character is rude and impolite. This gives the reader an insight to the character with only a few simple words. Also it can tell the reader how a character does something. ...read more.


This is a stage direction of Mrs Kay and Carol linking their arms. This shows a close relationship between Carol and Mrs Kay as they link arms, a loving relationship which many of the remedial pupil long for. Another quotation to back up the evidence is 'look more like mother and daughter than teacher and pupil'. This emphasizes the fact that the pupils need love and affection. We can assume by this quotation that Carol needs a mother figure and Mrs Kay is doing that. The pupils rebel against society by stealing and smoking. 'The kids are robbing stuff left, right and centre'. This shows that they don't care about anyone and they'll do any thing to get what they want. They do this in a sneaky and under hand way, so therefore, we can presume that the pupils have done this before and they know what they are doing. This again emphasizes their poor up bringing and their need for an education. 'Inside the kids sit like angels'. This shows that they are devious and cunning as they have stolen the animals from the zoo. However, this shows that the pupils just want to be loved and to love. ...read more.


'Briggs stares back in impotent rage'. This immediately suggests that he doesn't understand why Carol Chandler is on the cliff top. It also shows that he is angry about the incident. But, as he begins to understand he begins out his more humane side. 'Briggs slowly holds out his hand'. This is where I think he is turned, so to speak. He is wanting to help her. But, is he doing it for his job or because he actually cares about Carol? Another piece of evidence that he has a humane side is, 'Briggs wraps his arms around her'. This enforces the idea that he is only human. From that point forward we see a different side to Mr Briggs. For example, 'snapped eating candy-floss'. This again shows that he can relax. In my opinion I think that he is beginning to understand the way of the remedial pupils. 'Briggs is also on the back seat - cowboy hat on'. Backing up that he has a human side and that he isn't what everyone thought he was. However, when they arrive back in school he reverts back to how he was. We know this by, 'He pulls open the film and exposes it to the light'. He is destroying all the good aspects of the trip because he is ashamed of the way he loosened up toward the end of the day. ...read more.

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