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The poem Sonnet LXXV by Edmund Spencer links to Romeo and Juliets ideas about love as it is about death and love

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English The poem ?Sonnet LXXV? by Edmund Spencer links to Romeo and Juliet?s ideas about love as it is about death and love, which is the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet, although this poem uses death as a positive thing, saying that death will immortalize you and that even if you die, your love will live on. The use of tidal imagery is an extended metaphor for life; it shows that life is like the tide, ebbing and flowing and that it is as inconsistent as the tide. The line ?But the waves came and washed it away? shows is symbolic of how love can be taken away by life. ...read more.


The writer uses a monosyllabic line ?But came the tide and made my pains his prey? to emphasize the first quatrain, which is the set up for the poem. This, coupled with the personification of the tide, makes the extended metaphor for the tide very prominent. One of the key themes in this poem is death, which is also a theme in Romeo and Juliet; this links this poem to the tragedy at the end. This poem also shares the theme of love as it is a conversation between two lovers, which links it to the main theme of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


I can tell the poem is about this from the line ?What?. evil between death and birth that I should fear, -- if I were loved by thee?? The use if juxtaposition between death and birth emphasises the point. The writer also uses juxtaposition and violent imagery to get across his ideas about love, ?All the inner, all the outer world of pain clear love would pierce and cleave,? this gives an image of love being strong and invincible, which links with Romeo and Juliet, where their live and death breaks their families hate. The writer also views love as something pure and cleansing, this is shown in the line ?Fresh-water springs come up through bitter brine.? This is a metaphor for love and the use of juxtaposition shows that the writer is very convinced about this point. ...read more.

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