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The poem Where I Come From by Elizabeth Brewster talks about how a persons birthplace affects their character.

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Where I Come From

The poem âWhere I Come Fromâ by Elizabeth Brewster talks about how a personâs birthplace affects their character. Wherever you go in life, you will carry with you memories and echoes of your birthplace, where itâs a city, as in the first stanza or the quiet countryside as in the second stanza. This idea shows us that who we are is shaped by where we were born and where we grew up. Itâs written in free verse.

The first stanza has a conversational tone to it, itâs philosophical. It talks about the fast paced city life, and how in a city everything runs like clockwork. The first two lines itself tells us about the theme of the poem; âpeople are made of placesâ. The poet has written a simple sentence which makes it more powerful, and increases clarity. The poet has used a full stop after this statement which makes the reader pause and think about the statement. âThey carry with them hints of jungles or mountains, a tropic grace or the cool eyes of sea-gazersâ, jungle and mountain are two contrasting landscapes. Some peopleâs actions reflect their birthplace. The phrase âsea-gazersâ gives

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