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English Essay The poems' "Valentine" and "In Mrs. Tilchers' Class" both experience dramatic change throughout the course of their poems. They are both very similar in their structure because they both start off in a very positive way. For example the poem "Valentine" uses the words 'Red rose' and 'satin heart' in the first line, which also is the first stanza. Like this, in the poem "In Mrs. Tilchers' Class" the word 'laugh' is used in the first stanza. From this we can see that both poems are conforming to normal standard, by starting off very positively. In "Valentine" Carol Ann Duffy starts off the poem by describing the state of the relationship and uses the words 'like the careful undressing of love' to create a simile of sexual nature. As the poem progresses, we find out that Carol Ann Duffy is, in fact, ending the relationship with the person concerned. She uses phrases like 'possessive' and 'lethal', which certainly does not conform to most Valentine poems of today. Unlike the beginning of the poem where she uses a lot of very "loving" words like 'truthful' and 'lover', towards the end she talks about how the scent of the onion will 'cling to your knife'. ...read more.


The first three stanzas of the poem focus on the content of the relationship and we see the contentment of it. However there is a change. The sixth and seventh stanzas describe an event and its consequences. The reader can see that when Carol Ann Duffy says ' I give you an onion. Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, possessive and faithful as we are, for as long as we are.' When she says this she is hinting that the relationship will not last forever. The line 'for as long as we are' highlights this. The poem is set out in seven stanzas. The unusual thing about this is that the first, fourth and fifth stanzas consist of one line only. Carol Ann Duffy has done this to draw attention to them. Two of these three stanzas contain the word 'not'. This is to illustrate that the onion is not a present you would usually give. The poem "In Mrs. Tilchers' Class" is very similar to "Valentine" by the way it changes. ...read more.


We also find out that this child's' attitude to Mrs. Tilcher changes. At the beginning Carol Ann Duffy writes 'Mrs. Tilcher loved you' but to contrast in the last stanza she writes 'Mrs. Tilcher smiled, then turned away' the key phrase in this line is 'turned away' representing the teacher avoiding the question and almost ignoring the child. This child has obvious overjoyal of school at the beginning of the poem by the way things are described. 'Enthralling books', 'good gold star', 'glowed like a sweet shop' and probably the one that tells us this the most 'this was better than home'. But again we see a strong dramatical change. In stanza four Carol Ann Duffy writes 'You ran through the gates, impatient to be grown'. This child has gone from loving school more than home to running out of it at the end of the day. This is the most significant change. Both of these poems experience a great change in them, "Valentine" by the ending of a relationship and also "In Mrs. Tilchers' class" by the ending of a relationship. This shows how, although both poems are very different, they do have some similarities about them. ...read more.

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