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The poems Stealing, Hitcher, My Last Duchess and The Laboratory all share the theme of disturbing behaviour. In S and H, this behaviour is a result of boredom.

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Compare how the poets present disturbing behaviour in four of the poems from the AQA English Literature Anthology. To do this, compare .Stealing. by Duffy with one poem by Armitage and two poems from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank. Compare: * what the disturbing behaviour is * how the poets present the disturbing behaviour by the ways they write. (36 marks) The poems 'Stealing', 'Hitcher', 'My Last Duchess' and 'The Laboratory' all share the theme of disturbing behaviour. In S and H, this behaviour is a result of boredom. S's persona steals things in order to upset others, showing his coldness. Whereas in H, the persona kills his hitcher casually. MLD also has a casual approach to death, referring to it as a 'command'. ...read more.


This is similar to H. Both personas in H and S are perhaps jealous of the people they harm. In H, he is jealous of the hitcher's freedom - 'he was following the sun to west from east' - which contrasts against his own stressful situation with his 'screaming' answer phone. The personification of the answer phone emphasises his anger and aggression. Whereas in S, he could be jealous of the children, a sign of joy and innocence, and is 'thrilled' that they will 'cry in the morning'. Jealousy is an emotion also shown in TL and MLD. In TL, the persona is jealous of her ex-lover's new partner and how they 'laugh' together. She is jealous to such an extent, that she wants to poison her. ...read more.


This method is also used in H, with its five equal stanzas. However, the lengths of the lines and his sentence structure differ which shows the different emotions he feels (stress, anger, humorous) and how his thoughts are impulsive. Both TL and MLD use rhyme in their poems; however, for different reasons. In MLD, the clear rhymes show his controlling behaviour. Whereas, the rhymes in TL provide an almost song-like rhythm which emphasises her excitement over the poison. It is tone which provides a true disturbing feel to the poems. In TL, her excitement towards death is disturbing. Whereas in MLD; S and H, the coldness towards their crimes and their lack of empathy shows how unaffected they are by them. In conclusion, I think that Armitage was the most successful in showing the persona's disturbing behaviour. The description of the violence and the casual, conversational tone combined to create and chilling and frightening poem. ...read more.

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