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The Policeman's notes for "Lamb To The Slaughter"

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August 20, 1990 The date is August 20, 1990. My partner and I have received a call from Mrs. Maloney at 8pm. The call is about her husband, Patrick was dead and requested us to go there as soon as possible. She cried her heart out in the conversation. My partner and I took about approximately few minutes to reach Mrs. Maloney?s house. Just when we reached inside, we saw Patrick lying on the floor. About 5 minutes later, 2 detectives and 1 doctor came to the crime scene to investigate. ...read more.


In 15 minutes my partner was back with a page of notes that could prove Mrs. Maloney might not be the suspect. My partner and I suspected the murder weapon is either a large piece of metal or a heavy metal vase. We asked Mrs. Maloney about the murder weapon but she said she did not have such things in her property. Then I told her that Mr. Maloney was being killed by a blow on the back of the head administered with a heavy blunt instrument, mostly is a large piece of metal. ...read more.


I told Mrs. Maloney about the meat inside the oven and I helped her to turn it off the oven. She looked at me with her large, dark, and tearful eyes. She asked me for a favor with others. I said we can try. Then she told us to eat the lamb which is in the oven in repay helping to catch the man who killed Mrs. Maloney. I told her wouldn?t dream of it but she begged me. At the same time, we?re clearly hungry and ended up we ate the lamb that she cooked. At the end of our research, we couldn?t find the weapon which was used to killed Mr. Maloney. Crime scene scenario By Jack Noonans ...read more.

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