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the Power of Dreams

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THE POWER OF DREAMS Normally, Mrs. Drake would come back home before tea. However, it was not to be. She would never return. Mrs. Drake was reported "missing" two days after the 24th of May 1998 "Maybe she's just lost in the woods or something, maybe she's just gone to visit her aunt in Dallas, maybe..." Billy was hopelessly trying to deter the impossible. "The chances of that, sir, are very slim. Our main suggestion is that she has been abducted" the officer replied solemnly, "No, she can't have, she was loved, she has no enemies, no one could have had a motive." Billy pleaded with the officer. The thought of his mother being taken away from him seemed a depressing thought. His mother, who had cared for him, who had nurtured him, being taken away from him in such short notice? Never. The days dragged on, and no Mrs. Drake. The weeks dryly went by and still no Mrs. Drake. Every time the phone rang, a false hope sprang into Billy's heart. "It's mother" he would think. But no. His mother was no where to be found. Four weeks on and the FBI decided to take the matter into their own hands. They set out a nationwide hunt for the belated Mrs. Drake. One week into the hunt, and Billy received a call. It was from the FBI. "Hello, Mr. Drake?" "Yes, it's me, who's' speaking?" "It's detective Robert from the FBI" "Have you found mother? Is she safe and sound? ...read more.


he replied as he followed the detective to an unknown secret area. The detective pushed some buttons as he arrived in a doorway. He opened the door and took out "exhibit B" There lie a human body covered in a white cloth. Billy's heartbeat jumped aggressively high. "This is the moment of truth Mr. Drake." whispered the detective. He lifted the cloth away from the bodies' head. Billy's heart skipped a beat. Billy fainted. Underneath the white cloth lay a weathered decapitated body, exposed to the sun for many days. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. It did not have any physical features of his mother However, he noticed something that could defy all people from his mother; the elephant pendant that she always used to wear around her neck. It was one of a kind, given to his great great grandmother by a gypsy woman almost one hundred years ago. It had been passed down from generation to generation. The body was gripping it tightly in one hand. Billy Drake was kept in intensive care for two days, because of deep shock. He had suffered a minor heart attack, but was ordered to be kept in the hospital in the intensive care unit for two days. When Billy was discharged, he was once more contacted by the FBI. "Mr. Drake. It's detective Robert from the FBI. Glad to hear that you made a swift recovery." ...read more.


It seemed impossible. To find Mother's head two thousand miles away from its body. And how has his dream led him this far? Was that man in his dream the murderer? All theses questions rushed through Billy's mind. It seemed impossible. The wind had now gathered speed, and the clouds gathered in, and tiny droplets of rain started to leek down in the dry earth. It had been a long day, a long week, a long year for Billy. He turned round, tears blinding his sight and walked towards the car. As he walked, he noticed someone standing by the benches. He wiped his tears away and gazed at the man. He looked familiar. He was wearing rugged clothes, black gloves and torn shoes. His trousers were ripped and old. Billy started walking towards his direction. He was sure that he had met him before. The man looked up, and saw Billy Drake. Billy screamed. Was it? Was it the man in his dreams that carried the severed head? His eyes were the same red and weary, and his hands were torn. He smelt of strong beer, and the smell of marijuana was surrounding him. The man, deep under the influence of beer, finally spoke after they had a long gaze at each other. "Billy Drake, what a name. I've waited a long time to see you. I knew you would come in the end. I know what you're thinking. Did I kill your mother? No son. I never killed your mother. Your mother is inside you, I killed my wife" ...read more.

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