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The Power of One

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The Power of One The warm winter sunlight glared off of the ice covered snow. The brilliance of the bright blue sky caught my attention for a moment as I took my first breath of the freezing cold morning air. I felt the fresh air surge deep into my chest as my nose dripped slightly. Native prairie grasses and other vegetation began to peek out from the blanket of week old snow that covered the area. I quietly crept along a barb wire fence fashioned long ago from misshaped fence posts and rust covered wire. The snow crunched under the weight of my footsteps as the early morning winter wind nipped at the exposed portions of my face. Constantly remembering how important my father felt it was to be silent, I began to dance from one uncovered clump of grass to another in an attempt to cushion my thunderous footsteps. The estimated two hundred paces from my uncle's pick up truck seemed to last an eternity as the anticipation of the moment consumed my thoughts. Remaining silent, I strategically positioned myself to face the clearing. I leaned on an old, half rotten tree stump that overlooked three fields, where the decrepit fence ended and did not continue for another fifteen yards. ...read more.


I inserted the slug carefully, almost regretfully, and snapped the barrel back into place. I took a piece of jerky out of my pocket and began to chew, anything to keep my mind occupied. The meat tasted so good that my mind took over again, back to the stories I was told about the sweet taste of venison. I would get to taste it tomorrow, I told myself, but only because I was going to kill today. I waited patiently as the entire ordeal played out exactly as planned. I could visualize the entire hunt and I imagined how it would end. My uncle, father, and a family friend were going to drop me off at my position and circle around the patch of timber to the south. My orders were to stand point and wait for the drive to begin. The three men drove the timber in an attempt to spook the deer. All I had to do was take the shot and not miss. The concept seemed so simple, but it worked. In no more than fifteen minutes I could hear my father walking through the thick timber. ...read more.


Eventually, I regained my composure and gently ejected the spent casing. Steam soared from the warm shell as it landed on the frozen winter ground. I deliberately grasped another slug from the chest pocket of my vest and inserted it into the shotgun. I mechanically took aim at my prey for another shot. The deer, spun around by the impact of the first shot, was now struggling to stand. I took one more shot and it was over. I took a moment to gather myself before attempting to stand. The violent shaking I had experienced earlier returned to my entire body and robbed me of any strength I had possessed prior to this encounter. The doe struggled for life as I hesitantly approached the squirming corpse. Sorrow filled my entire body as I gazed into her innocent brown eyes. This meeting was far less glorious than what I had first envisioned. I was a man now, however; not because I had killed an innocent deer, but because I realized the power one has in life. That moment forced me to realize the unlimited power one man possesses. This experience taught me that if one man had the power to take a life, then that same man had the power to accomplish anything the world could offer. ...read more.

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