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The pre 1914 novel I have chosen to write about is The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain

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Pre 1914 Coursework on 'The Prince And The Pauper' The pre 1914 novel I have chosen to write about is 'The Prince And The Pauper' by Mark Twain. 'The Prince And The Pauper' was written in 1882, it was set in the time of King Henry VIII. It is a commentary on the social issues and relationships at that time. I have chosen to write about this novel, because it describes many of the social situations that are still around today. The story is about a poor boy who longed to live the life of a prince. All his life he had begged on the street. His father was a lazy man who refused to work, and if the boys did not bring home money, he would beat them. Tom had two other sisters, and his whole family had to live in one room in an old house in the poorest part of London. Father Andrew was Tom's father figure; he taught Tom how to read and speak Latin. As it happened the son of King Edward longed for a life of freedom and normality. ...read more.


'The clothes are beautiful and it's a beautiful house, and the food is nice, but I don't like being prince. I wish I could go back to Pudding Lane and play with the other boys and swim in the river.' The story teaches many lessons and morals, Edward was judged by his outer appearance and nobody listened to him. The importance of image, and how you present yourself. When the prince stood inside the palace, in Tom's clothes he ordered the guards to open the gate. As soon as he walked past the guards, they hit him on the head. The brutal nature of poverty and equality, turned people against there family and friends because of what they wore or how much money they had. This behaviour is still shown in today's society; however there are some people who are still have some human capacity. Father Andrew was one of those people who could rise above poverty and hardship. In chapter six, Tom Chanty's father was dragging him threw the street and the crowd of people cheered his father on, in this brutal act. ...read more.


The dangers of rulers not knowing what is happening not being connected to the people. 'The king my father, is the king of all people rich and poor.' However when Tom told the Prince he lived in a one bedroom old house, he did not understand why. 'There are hundreds of rooms in this palace. Why do you all live in one room?' At last, the prince was confronted by Tom and the great lords asked each of them questions to determine which the real prince was. The final question was, 'Where is the seal?' The real prince told the lords, while tom said he had used it to crack nuts. The lords laughed. No one was brutal against the boy, and the people came to realise the importance of respect and not to class or judge people by what they wear or how they look. I have come to realise that 'The Prince And The Pauper' has so much depth and meaning. It relates so much to human society today, people can change so easily due to the type of circumstance they are in. Pre 1914 coursework Lauren LeFranc ...read more.

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