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The Prisoner.

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The Prisoner. July 1, 1777 I am now a prisoner of war being held captive by the Indian army. My troops and I were apprehended as we tried to re-capture Occupied Kashmir from Indian rule. It had all happened so suddenly and without warning. We had almost captured the region when General Musharraf unexpectedly took us off guard. We had fought bravely but to no avail; most of my men were killed and soon the rest of us were rounded up like cattle. We were then taken to this desert prison. July 8, 1777 I've only been in this hellhole for eight days now, but it feels like an eternity. The guards here treat us like dirt. We are made to work for them in the blistering sun; all day long we work tirelessly digging trenches without much water. They also told us that if we failed to keep working they would throw us into something called the "hot box". I hope I never have to suffer that kind of punishment. July 22, 1777 We are still working endlessly throughout the hot days. ...read more.


Only lord knows where it comes from but I don't care, it's keeping me alive. Yet I only have this cockroach to eat. August 12, 1777 My hunger is growing ever stronger. I have lost a great deal of weight and am ready to eat anything they throw my way. However they still make us work continuously and I can see the others are not fairing too well either. I have to get some sort of nourishment. The cockroaches have stopped coming around; perhaps they know what I have been up to. It's a matter of survival out here in this desert, and survive I will. Even if I have to eat the rats that keep me company. I shall miss them dearly, but their meat will satisfy me for a while and their blood shall be used to quench my thirst just until I can find some other food. August 13, 1777 The rats didn't show up last night, I wonder why? I know I'm growing delirious, I'm talking to myself; when I woke up this morning I found human bite marks on my left forearm, caused by myself no doubt. ...read more.


My hunger is coming back faster than expected and my own arm is starting to look good. I'll just take a small portion to satisfy myself. It hurt like hell but at least I've been able to feed myself one last time. November 1, 1777 We have finally been freed, and I am going home today! My wife will be so happy to see me, as I her. It has been too long being locked up like this, and if I never find myself in a situation like this again it will be too soon. I have decided to resign from the English army. I feel like I could use the time with my family. November 12, 1777 I am finally home. It is good to see my family again. And the scar on my arm has healed quite nicely. I still have nightmares about my ordeal. They are, however, going away gradually. Yet my hunger still remains, even though my wife fixes large meals for me to eat. I don't know how long I can hold it. As a matter of fact, Tori and the children are beginning to look quite appetizing.......... By Umair Razi. Umair RAZI 11K4 ...read more.

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