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The Prize Of Peril.

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The Prize Of Peril Ending Raeder stopped. He could hear and feel a faint rumble. "Ah crap," groaned Raeder. The faint rumble was his stomach which had been empty for the past day or two. He decided to look for a place to eat. On the other side of the street, there was a small burger bar which looked okay. Inside, the smell of burning fat filled the air. "Next please," said a gruff voice. Raeder looked up and up and saw a man about six feet tall, with stubble smoking a cigarette. "C...c...could I have a cheeseburger with fries. Please." Raeder's faint voice seemed to be getting fainter by the second. Was it the fact that he was hungry, or was it that this guy scared the pants of him? Raeder thought. Up in the corner, a small T.V caught Raeder's eye. To his horror, it was on the JBC Network and the infamous Mike Terry was screaming that the Thompson gang had been phoned by the manager of a small burger bar, and that they were gonna hunt him down. Raeder looked across the room and saw the guy slam the phone down. It WAS he who rang the Thompson gang. Raeder was in a dilemma. Should he leave his burger, even though he was starving and run for his life, or should he eat his burger and run for his life? ...read more.


"Oh right. So you're the engineer are you? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you. It's just that I'm tired, that's all," Raeder explained in a sympathetic way. "Yeah, I could see that you were sleeping, it's just that I wanted to make sure it was you, not just some bum," Joe replied. Bum? Who's he callin a bum? Raeder thought angrily. Well who'd blame him; sleeping in the sewers wasn't exactly fit for a king now was it. Raeder clambered slowly off the ledge and followed Joe who led the way. Joe told Raeder that it would be safer for him to get out near the Statue of Liberty, where there would be more people so that he could mingle in with the crowds. The trek would be 3 1/2 miles long. Raeder looked at his watch; 3 hours to go. As they walked through the sewers, the only sound which could be heard was that of the water, dripping in the background. The odd shriek of a rat could be heard every couple of paces, making Raeder quiver. Apart from them noises, it was silent. Raeder was thinking of starting a conversation, but he really couldn't be bothered. Instead, he carried on following Joe and staring his back, as if in a fixed trance, walking without really remembering where he was going. After about 1hour, Joe came to a halt and Raeder knocked into the back of him, finally realising where he was and what he was doing there. ...read more.


Raeder opened his eyes cautiously, expecting to be in heaven, or, possibly, hell. Instead, he was hanging in mid-air, grabbed by the arm. Raeder turned his head slightly and saw the multi-millionaire, Rex Banner, owner of Maxisoft, America's 2nd largest computer company. Raeder's brain was trying to process what had just happened. Raeder must have been grabbed, and pulled through the crevice in a split second, missing the bullet that intended to kill him. Standing in the crevice of the Statue of Liberty was the Thompson gang, shouting and cursing whilst they were being arrested. Back on the ground, Mike Terry, his adoring fans and the Good Samaritans greeted Raeder. Asked by Mike Terry if he would do another game show, Raeder replied by intimating that he had enough danger for one lifetime and that he wouldn't forget the experience in too much of a hurry. Rex Banner, to whom Raeder sincerely thanked for saving his life, presented the $200,000 check. Banner told Raeder that he was a great fan of the show, and that he wanted to play a part in saving his life as well as being on the T.V! "Well folks, what a spectacular finish to The Prize Of Peril. Just as we thought that our Raeder was gone from us, out of the blue, multi-millionaire Rex Banner saved his life in an astounding air rescue involving his helicopter, himself and above all, his courage which saved the life of our all time favourite action hero, Jim Raeder," declared Mike Terry in a triumphant speech. . ...read more.

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