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The problem of violence in video games

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´╗┐Gad 1 Mohamed GadMiss Heather Crutchfield English 10 College Prep Block D 07 June 2012 Violent Video Games: A New frightening Phenomenon Video games have been a part of children's life for the past 30 years. It all started when Atari came up with a very simple game of tennis. These games became very sophisticated, realistic and more graphically violent over time. Playing video games can have many negative effects on children. Violent games alters the brain's response to violence, causes stress and aggressive thoughts , and doesn't teach kids moral consequences. Parents and researchers began to question themselves what are the impacts of these changes might be. Therefore, violent video games should be restricted by the parents to improve children's' physical and mental growth. Violent video games alter the brain's response to violence because these games cause diminished brain responses. ...read more.


Everyone deals with stress and frustrations differently. However when action is taken with frustration and stress, the action is done with anger and aggression, the results may be very harmful mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Aggression is action by attacking someone or a group with intent to harm someone. It can with insulting or attacking. Also,Violent video gaming can lead people to isolate themselves from friends and family. Children's' brains are in the beginning of growth, making children very impressionable. Children need to learn self-control, responsibility, and relationships, however, violent games activate their anger while slowing the brain's maturity. Furthermore, "The American Psychological Association says playing violent games correlates to children being less caring and helpful toward people"(McGraw). Children spend huge amount of time playing violent video games at the exactly the age where they should be learning healthy ways to relate and to resolve conflicts peacefully. ...read more.


Parents say that kids do know what is bad to do and what not to do but they need to be strengthened. But parents ask "How can we minimize any potential harm of violent games?" However by parental involvement in children's violent video games usage, they can help by discussing solutions to violent problems, and reducing the time spent in violent contents. According to Douglas Gentile, parents who limit the content of the games, have children who do better academically and also get in fewer fights. In conclusion, violent video games should be restricted to improve physical and mental growth. Playing a violent game for hours every day could increase aggressive behaviors and stress, decrease the helping of others, and alter's brain response to violence. Instead, parents should recognize that violent video games can have powerful effects on children and should set limits on the amount and content of games their children play. In this way, we can benefit the children by minimizing these potential harms. ...read more.

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