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The Purpose Of Education.

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The Purpose Of Education Education is an important part in every child's life, and here in Singapore, every child has to receive compulsory education. I believe that education is an important part in helping a child grow up, to make sure that a child grows up into a sensible and responsible adult. It is also important to make sure the child grows up into an independent person with the skills necessary to be in the workforce of a country. In order to achieve that, I feel that education has to be introduced at a young age. That way, children would be used to the environment, and be able to study more effectively when the child gets older, and more subjects are introduced. ...read more.


Paragraph 55 shows that Mr. Hibler had a lesson plan ready. Thus he was probably just going to tell the students some information about Egyptians. I feel that this kind of teaching, however, is not useful, since it just spoonfeeds the children with information. This information would be forgotten by the students very quickly after a few years. Next, we read on about how Ms. Ferenczi teaches the students. Mr. Hibler falls ill and is replaced by Miss Ferenczi. Miss Ferenczi, on the other hand, does not strictly follow Mr. Hibler's lesson plans, but instead she gives the students a lot of room for imagination. For example, in paragraph 64, Miss Ferenczi is supposed to talk about pyramids. However she asks the students to think of what was inside. ...read more.


From this incident, we can see that the education system in "To Kill A Mockingbird" is very rigid, and defines the boundary of the level of learning the students have. This should not be the case. The purpose of education should not be to set a rigid boundary for learning for the students, and to tell students what to learn and what not to learn. It should be to let students learn what they want to learn, and at the same time provide the resources for them to go further into their area of interest. Thus, I think that the purpose of education is basically to nurture children into creative adults, and letting them focus on a specific area of interest. ...read more.

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