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The purpose of this report is to comment on two film posters, Mr. Woodcock and the second movie The Italian job

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Media coursework The purpose of this report is to comment on two film posters, by commenting on the font, layout, genre and other iconography that has been used in everyway to make the poster stand out effectively, to observe the detail of the text and the connotations which are used to understand the purpose of the poster, including the techniques used. This report is for the head of promotions for the movie Mr. Woodcock and the second movie The Italian job explaining the ways the posters effectively promote the film and advertise. The two posters that I am going to introduce are The Italian Job which I will refer to as poster A which is a movie containing cars, no ordinary cars but the sporty, fast mini coopers a heist movie. The age group this film is aimed at is 12 and above, because children like films about cars and this film can be proven success. The second poster that I will be describing about is poster B which is Mr. Woodcock, a comedy full of humour which will be unfolding a story in relation to a nerdy boy, a male sports teacher and a lady in her mid 30's who is dressed as a prom queen, remembering her teenage days, besides the sports man, whose hand she's holding. The age group for this film is variable because it's a comedy which everyone prefers. ...read more.


The technique that this has on the audience is this movie is heist, looks effective and advertises the poster. The Italian jobs font has connotations used in it, so the reader is inhibited to the poster. Poster B has a bold title with all the lettering spread out apart. The title has two colours in it, a red filling and a white outline around it. The colour red is a bright colour engaging all the colours towards it. The tagline of the poster is "Letting go of your past is hard..." This suggests that something happened in the past concerning the male sports coach and the other nerdy man besides him which is wearing a blue jacket. The nerdy man has an expression of which shows that he doesn't like the sports coach due to something that has happened in the precedent. The other half of the tagline remains on the other side in the middle of the lady and the sports coach who is in the middle too. "Especially when it's dating your mom." Dating your mom...This suggests that the Sports coach is going out with the nerdy guy's mum who is now expressional towards him. The mum is completely fallen in love the coach and is in a dream world with him, but the coach is left in no position to express what he thinks due to a lover and a hater on each side. ...read more.


She is also wearing a pink fairy dress and a tiara making her look really odd and different. The characters at the front are mostly known comedy films which they have once had a role in, so as an past experience of their other box office draws, the audience will be willing to watch another comedy which will entertain them and also make them smile. The poster shows other information such as the cast of the film, the director name and other major details like when the film is going to release and this film poster has also got an my space address, incase if someone wants to know any other details about this film. By including an address this shows effectiveness by showing how much effort has been put into this film by a small extra detail, which most film posters don't include making this film diverse. Overall, I think that The Italian Job poster is more effective in order to promote a film, due to the use of colours, images, camera angle settings and all the other key information, which has been added for it to become a box office draw. This poster makes you look into it and the connotations make you realise what's happening, making a link between the typography and the connotations. The cast of the film has been mentioned in the corner, with the director's name, film title and when the film is going to be released in cinemas. This promotes the film and shows effectiveness throughout the whole film poster. ...read more.

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