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The Real Scrooge

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The Real Scrooge I think that Scrooge was once very friendly and enjoyed life as well as Christmas, but things happened and caused his view on Christmas to change completely. I think the main reason he changed his view on life and everything around it was probably the death of one of the only people to ever love him, his beloved sister, Fanny. In fact this hurt him so much that it is possibly the reason why he didn't get on very well with her son and his nephew, Fred. However there were many other reasons why as well. Such as before his sister died, when he was only a young lad, his father neglected him. He sent him off to a boarder school, where his father never once asked him to return home, even when the holidays came around. There was just one more relevant reason, the loss of his one true lover, Belle. There relationship broke down when he began to get rich and started to care for his money more than her, so much so in fact she said he had 'a new idol.' All these reasons contributed to his changing of character. After all these had happened he became an unfeeling man with a heart of lead. He cared for no one at all and barely cared for himself as well. That shows us how much money ruled his life and how little he cared. ...read more.


Why did most people dislike him? Well because he was selfish, greedy, unfeeling and stingy. This is proved many times during the course of the book, and a obvious example is that of Caroline and her husband, where we understand that Scrooge was not relenting towards them and letting them have a weeks delay on their debt but instead forcing them to pay up. Which just goes to show how greedy and uncaring Scrooge was, in fact he would not have cared even if they had to leave their home and go onto the streets to pay their debt. Scrooge even says that Christmas is a humbug, which means insincere and untruthful, and that just shows how unfeeling Scrooge was, to not feel the excitement of Christmas that everyone feels. He would give nothing to good causes but instead he gives the workhouses and prisons money as he thinks that the poor are insignificant and that if they wanted help they should go to these places. This is another sign of just how unfeeling he is, not to realise how much the poor and homeless suffer, and this is probably why he pays Bob Crachit so little. My opinion on Scrooge is not that indifferent from Mrs Crachit's opinion. However I know what she didn't know, that he had a very sad and lonely upbringing and was sent away by his father. I also know his only sister, Fanny died and caused him much pain, as she was the first person to really love him and he loved her too. ...read more.


Scrooge) and very nice Characters, which are sometimes to nice (i.e. Tiny Tim). Charles Dickens did not just write this for the fun of it, in fact I think he wrote because he wanted to bring a point across that he obviously felt was not well enough emphasised. He wanted to tell everyone what Christmas was for and what we should look out for in the world. One way of showing us this was in Stave three when Scrooge sees two children clinging to the ghosts legs. The ghost explains that the boy is ignorance and the girl want and he then warns Scrooge to particularly beware of the boy as on his brow is written doom. He also wants us to realise that there are the poor in this world and that they really are suffering. However I'm not totally certain how much attention people now a days give to this as most people think that because the book was written in the eighteen hundreds that it only applies to that time and that there are no poor in our time. He also wants us to realise that it doesn't pay to not enjoy Christmas as it is you who suffers no one else. He again wants you to realise that giving is not a bad thing but instead actually makes you feel good, especially if the recipient likes what you give them. So this just shows that Charles Dickens also knew what Christmas was about and we can actually learn quite a lot from him and what he says in his book The Christmas Carol. Steve Blow ...read more.

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