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'The real tragedy of Catherine and Heathcliff is that their separation is brought about not by fate, nor by family, but by the power of social class' Discuss.

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'The real tragedy of Catherine and Heathcliff is that their separation is brought about not by fate, nor by family, but by the power of social class' Discuss. Emily Jane Bronte (1818-48) was considered to be one of the most gifted writers ever. There is no doubt that the intensity of her writing grew out of the extraordinary pressures of her home life. Wuthering Heights proves that love is a mysterious force with intense power. This novel shows the love between Catherine and Heathcliff, and how money can easily come between someone you love. I intend to discuss the separation of Catherine and Heathcliff and explore further how the reasons made them separate. It seems to be a simple love story of two suffering souls - Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. But this love can hardly exist in reality - it's a fantasy of Emily Bronte, she created a sample of a real eternal passion - powerful and boundless. Only death seemed to be stronger than it. ...read more.


Also when Catherine moved to Thrushcross Grange, after she married Edgar Linton, Heathcliff would stand outside her window to watch her. Heathcliff was obsessed with the love he had for Catherine. He loved Catherine more than his own life. The two have a powerful emotional bond together, something Heathcliff never experienced with anyone else, being that no one else ever loved him, so he became obsessed with the one person he related to emotionally. 'The crosses are for the evenings you have spent with the Lintons, the dots for those spent with me. Do you see? I've marked every day.' This quotation shows the love that Heathcliff had to Catherine, when he has counted the days he spent with her and the days she spent with the Lintons. It shows that he has a lot of care and love for her and he wanted to marry her. Fate played a very important role of the separation of Catherine and Heathcliff as so may people behind their backs were the people to blame for their separation. ...read more.


The book was published during the Industrial Revolution, a time of great economic change in which laborers fought for fair conditions in the workplace, and employers fought to defend themselves. People formed groups to work for their own benefit, thus, causing the separation of classes. While Emily Bronte book reflects the world during this time, she does not focus on the negativity of the changes, but instead presents the world as, ever-changing yet adaptable. The story concludes in "resolution and reconciliation". After Heathcliff's death, the classes seem to converge and accept one another. Catherine and Heathcliff represent the Grange and the Heights as they posses' differences that eventually disappear. I agree that the story presents that variance does not necessarily separate but instead brings society together. Finally, I think that the separation of Catherine and Heathcliff was brought about by social class because I found many more points that social class played more than the fate or family. Fate and family played a small part in their separation but I think the power of social class and wealth brought about their separation the most. Mehdi Al-Shahib Y11B English Coursework ...read more.

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