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The red room

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The Red Room H.G Wells is an author who not only wrote 'The Red Room' but also wrote 'The Invisible Man' and 'War of the Worlds'. The Red Room was written in 1896. During this period people were superstitious and believed in ghosts and spirits. This relates to the story because the old people in this story believed that the red room was haunted. In the story tension is sustained, the man who is also the narrator goes into the red room to see if it is really haunted. At the end of the story the man said the room wasn't haunted, it was just dark, that made people begin to believe the room was haunted. ...read more.


The story is written as first person, so the narrator is the main character in the story, he doesn't have a name because it makes the reader feel as if they are him and gets them more involved. The narrator doesn't believe in ghosts and spirits, he believes that there is an explanation for everything. The story is told by him because he is the narrator and when the reader reads it, they feel as if they are a part of the story. The minor characters in the story are the three old people, they foreshadow ghosts because they look and act like they are already dead. They are old and frail. ...read more.


There are so many candles in the setting because it creates a typical gothic atmosphere. There is a long complicated passageway because it makes the story seem more complex and scary and you don't know if someone is about to jump out from the corridor. The setting inside the red room is dark. Nothing is visible, it all adds to the atmosphere because it builds up tension. The language used in the 'Red Room' is very old fashioned and formal, for example when the man is asked how old he is he says he is he says he is eight and twenty years old, but if an average man these days was asked how old he was he would just simply say he was twenty eight years old. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Henna Ishaq Year 10 ...read more.

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