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The Red Room

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The Red Room. The houses, their walls, secret passages can sometimes enclose tremendous secrets. It seems that the mansion I was invited to also hid a great secret. I will tell you about this. It all started when I was invited to my friend's party. The gates of the mansion were opened invitingly allowing all the guests in. The external fa´┐Żade of the mansion showed its ancient origin. On the wall by the side of ht door was a sign. It said 'The Alexanders'. This was written in bold, brass letters. I entered through the high, heavy dark oak doors. I gazed all around from the deep-toned designs to the conviences of the room. A soft, melodic music murmured in the background while the guests walked around, talking quietly with each other. The tranquil atmosphere soothed every person in the enormous room. The ornaments were of silver. The portraits on the vast walls had gold gilt decorated frames. They showed mysterious people from long age gazing at their audience. In the middle of the broad corridor there was a white marble staircase that ascended upwards to the second floor. ...read more.


My appearance changes deliberately. The cocktail dress I wore was replaced by a satiny garment. My hair color was now different. I glowed with a bright yellow radiance. For a few moments I struggled to understand what had happened. I no longer felt myself. I was wrapped by the appearance of a woman from one of the photographs. In a short interlude I heard a musical sound. It was a mute melody of the piano. I turned around and staggered momentarily from the sudden interruption. The gentleman from the portrait stood next to the piano. The formal suit on him emphasized his status within the mansion. The sharp features of his face and deep blue were warm and generous. His look was anxious as if he recognized someone in me. He moved towards the sideboard and poured a drink from a vintage decanter and offered it to me. The gaze in his eyes held my attention, hypnotizing me deeper into a haze of unconsciousness. It was the haze that doesn't evaporate; instead it handcuffed me with its strong warders. He spoke to me in a strange manner. The mien of his face didn't move. ...read more.


I was myself again... The mirror reflected me in its clear image. My cocktail dress adored me, I could breathe again. My friend told me the history of the haunted room. The man was my friend's great grandfather. They were so in love. 'They say that they still haunt this room-said my friend. 'It was just one of those sad powerful love affairs that won't fade away'. I looked back at the pictures on the fire place, the piano and the other objects connected to the story in the room. I noticed the two glasses of wine. The decanter was empty and the tongues of a candle still danced. The mansion and its facades are the flames of mystery. The external view encloses the stories that clang to its chilly corridors. The lights of the mansions are extinguished when the secrets within these passages are revealed. In 'Alexanders' the mansion the passage is kept alive by the candles and the red poison that emits the shadow of history within the whole construction. It is a contrast to the entry room. That room is illuminated by life and the cluster of people within it. However behind the coiled corridors there is more to unwrap. ...read more.

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