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The Red Room Revisited.

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The Red Room Revisited Darkness haunted the small room, and a dim light gloved in the corner as shadows danced menacingly on the wall opposite the roaring fire. A stench of rot floated in the air. All was silent. The harsh menacing face of the detective inspected the suspects individually waiting for something only known to him. They twitched uneasily like puppets on a string, for among them was a murder. The detective walked past each of the nervous suspects, staring into each one's terrified eyes. His old fashioned shoes creaked and echoed on the wooden floor throughout the room as he walked up the line slowly. There was a knock on the ancient door and a man followed by a policeman entered. The first man was short and stocky he quickly looked round the room as if to check it was safe, then scuttled over to the detective and spoke to him quickly but very quietly, so that none of the others in the room could hear. ...read more.


But someone had. A body lay in a pool of red, upstairs was the body of Mrs Wood, as the warm crimson blood oozed into the carpet, the police searched throughout the grand hotel for clues or evidence. But there wasn't any, the murderer had been clever. "We know who did" announced the police inspector. I looked down the line at the faces of the suspects; none of them looked like murders " I am going to interview everyone of you privately, we'll start with you" He pointed at me and my heart jumped. The others were lead outside by the two policemen and I was left alone. The inspector stayed calm and quiet as he stared at me. The silence was deafening and it seemed as if he was reading every thought in my mind. I couldn't handle it anymore and was about to confess everything. Mr Wood had told me that it wasn't a crime, she was going to die anyway, "you're not doing anything wrong." ...read more.


"Did you tell anything else?" I could smell his musty breath, I took a step backwards. "No" "He hasn't finished with you, he'll come back, but he won't say anything yet to the other policemen. He has to be stopped" I looked him in the eyes, he had the same menacing look as he had the night before, when he described how I would kill Mrs. Wood. "You tricked me, you told me I wasn't doing anything wrong" I shouted at Mr Wood. "You didn't, I wanted her dead." He smiled triumphantly. Tears welled in my eyes and I ran out of the room, I packed my small bag and ran as fast as I could out of the hotel, down the long drive into the cold night. The next day the inspector was found dead lying in a pool of red in the dining room, he was murdered the same way as Mrs. Wood had been. Mr Wood killed him, but I was the prime suspect. Chloe Laureyns ...read more.

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