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The Red Room - Show how the author created and builds the tension in this story

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Dylan Lewis 11o The Red Room Show how the author created and builds the tension in this story The title "The Red Room" immediately attracts the reader's attention; it is symbolic but leaves unanswered questions. "What is the red room?" "Why is it red?" We associate red with fear and danger. Is this room dangerous? Overall, the title raises so much curiosity that it has an overwhelming effect, wanting us to read on and find answers to our questions H.G. Wells wrote 'The Red Room' in the 19th Century. H.G. Wells is also known for writing 'War of the Worlds' and is often recognized as a science-fiction writer. 'The Red Room' is a particularly well-chosen title because the colour red signifies blood, danger, hell, and above all, fear, the title also shows the setting of the story. 'The Red Room' contains all the elements of a ghost story and is written in the Gothic tradition; the story is written to illustrate the nature of fear and is an insight into how it affects the human mind. 'The Red Room' contains all the features of a Gothic novel, it is set in an old, derelict house, it involves moving through dark passages, and it involves a ghost/haunted room. It also contains all the features of a good short story. It has an effective opening, a realistic setting, a limited number of believable characters and has a plot with a clear conflict, a plot that builds suspense and excitement and a plot that has a twist at the end. ...read more.


Lastly it could be a sign to him that he is on his own. Whenever any one of the three old people speaks they leave sentences unfinished and open to interpretation. Everything about the old people is depressing, dismal, drab and dreary. As he leaves the company of the other three H.G. Wells describes the journey that he takes in a lot of depth: The gentleman says: 'You go alone the passage for a bit... until you come to a Door and through that door is a spiral staircase ad half Way up the landing is another door covered with baize. Go through that and down the long corridor to the end And the Red Room is on the left up the stairs' Although this is a very long quote taken from the text, I feel that is builds up tension and creates a slightly scary atmosphere, because of the 'spiral staircase', and the 'door covered with baize', this gives the reader the impression that the Red Room is very far away from the elderly people. This may be because they are too scared to go anywhere near the room, because they see something frightening. This also gives H.G. Wells the opportunity to develop the journey to the Red Room, and he can go on describing other happening along the way The young man finds the old people who look after the castle, frightening and depressing. We know this because he refers to them as 'grotesque custodians'. The word 'grotesque' suggests something that is disgusting and horrible. ...read more.


In a last effort to save him from the darkness he attempts to leave 'The Red Room' and enter the moonlit corridor. He has forgotten where the door is and is knocked out. The paragraph from when the first candle goes out gradually builds in tension and suspense. They involve a lot of short sentences, the is to increase and sustain the tension and suspense you get a good since of this increasing paranoia when he tries to give explanations for the extinguishing candles and his panic starting to creep in to his actions when he is trying to relight the candles, al the while he is trying to give himself explanations, as to why this is happening. Finally the suspense reaches the climax when his fear has over taken his sense of reasoning and he tries to leave the room and accidentally knocks himself out. When he finally wakes the next morning he realises that there was nothing supernatural about the room but only peoples fear of the unknown. The elderly people, or custodians as they were called are now taking care of the young man at the end of the poem while he is re-telling the story. I don't really think that there was anything in the room at the time; I personally think that this was just his imagination, and there could have been a sudden gust of wind extinguishing all the candles, because it was an old house. Although when he was walking through the house towards the red room, he did comment on how the shadows moved away and around him, I feel that this was just the mystery of the house and that when his candle was flickering it caused lots of objects to move about. ...read more.

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