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The Regret

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Daniela Sforza, 10P The Regret Going back I remember my childhood being filled with happiness and joy, mainly because of the good atmoshere my household held. I was raised in a well- noff, loving family. I can not imagine what I would have done without this kind of support in my life. Now I was a good kid and at the age of only 7, I concentrated on all the good things I wanted to do with my life and the ambitions I had, I was determined to get a job of my dreams. I had a caring family and had a great attitude towards life, nothing was going to get in the way of anything I wanted out of life and I thought nothing would ever change that attitude I had. I promised myself to never smoke, do drugs, drink, or harm myself or other people. I was very confident that I would live the life that my friends and family demanded of me. ...read more.


All of this went on to about my senior year in high school, I was considered what you call a trouble maker in my school always getting into all kinds of situations. I took pride in being in a group considered the most rebelious in the school. My only idle had shot himself in the head, so you can see how big my self esteem was. Well, during my senior year I started to feel a little bit different than before. Slowly I started to dress nicer, I stopped causing trouble, and my grades began to improve. I consider this my first change into the direction of God, yet I still was holding on to my worldly ways. Then it happened, during the summer following my senior year, my school was sending the young children to a summer camp called Disney. Donna Young, one of my school teacher's who i got on really well with, called me up and asked if I would go as a sponsor, because of they were short of people going and needed one more person to go for this camp to go ahead. ...read more.


I was now as closed to my friends and family as I had ever been! Only about 2 months later, my school teacher asked me to teach Sunday school for the 6th through 8th graders. Looking back I cant believe how off track I went. I regret my state of mind being so low and I cant believe I actually survived my teenage years. The point is that my family kept me in reach, never letting me get to far away from thier side. True, I have regrets of my past but I have to look past that and look to the future. No one is ever too far away, taking chances can change things for the best, I am living proof. Every night I thank them for saving my soul and delivering me from evil even when I did not even realize it. I will never underestimate the power of living in such a great society for I am determined to get what I want out of life. ...read more.

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