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The Regretful Reflection.

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And there it was. Right before our eyes. We had found it, at last. My friend Tamara and I had discovered the place from which all the rumours had started. Everyone knew about the house, but nobody knew it existed, at least until now. We looked at each other, as the cold chill of the evening air rushed across our faces. I got the feeling something horrible lurked inside, and I just had to find out what. When I heard the rumours about the house, I thought that it was going to be some kind of really scary haunted house, but my instincts were wrong. The house only looked about fifty years old, but it must have been left lying dormant for decades. The tiles on the roof were no longer a terracotta colour, but a dark, furry green. A few birds' nests were scattered around various places on the roof, and the chimney had almost broken in two. The windows were all smashed in, and the framework around them had been stripped of paint. Tamara edged forward to have a closer look. ...read more.


Even Tamara couldn't come up with an explanation for that one. "Don't you look pretty in that mirror" I heard the old lady say. "THERE IT IS AGAIN!" I shouted "What?" "The voices! Didn't you hear them? I wont to go back . . . NOW!!" I cried. Tamara agreed, as it was getting dark, and the thought of being in a forgotten house at night even gave Tamara a scare. We turned around and much to our surprise and horror, the door was back on its hinges, just like it was before. Tamara frantically tried her kickboxing skills again, but the door would not budge. There was no way out. The windows in the house were too small to get through, and the framework was somehow unbreakable. We had been trapped. A kind of scraping sound came from the back living room, which made Tamara jump. She had never done that before. She started to dislike this place just as much as I did. As we edged forward, it became louder and louder. We were just outside the door, and I put my hand forward, and before I even touched it, the door creaked open. ...read more.


"He's up there!" I heard the boy say. The sound of feet coming up the stairs was the sound of my death. I was just about to try and escape when I noticed a piece of paper in the man's top pocket. I had no time to read it, so I took it with me and found another place to hide, but I had no luck, so I mould have to play hide and seek. I got out the note and it read 'If you read this note, you're in trouble, but there is one thing you can do. Smash every single mirror in the house, and you will be free' I started right away, and somehow managed to break all the mirrors without the woman and the boy seeing me. "Smashing all of these mirrors is going to bring me so many bad years of bad luck!" I thought to myself. I searched for Tamara, but I could not find her. I came to the entrance, and the door was already broken down, just like it was before. I stepped outside and ran for my life. The good news is that I never went back to the house, but I never saw Tamara again. ...read more.

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