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the relation ship between juliett andd her father

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What do we learn about the understanding of the relationship between Juliet and lord Capulet in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet?' 'Romeo and Juliet' deals with the strict gender role of women during the Shakespearean period of history. Conventional females were considered to be second class citizens who were expected to refrain in conveying their natural feelings and emotions. Women were also socially neglected, as they were expected to remain at home whilst their respective husbands ensured the upkeep of the family by managing the family finances. The male population at this point in time ignorantly viewed women as coy, innocent characters, seemingly unaware that women had the same feelings and emotions as themselves. In Elizabethan society, the majority of marriages were arranged. Property and power were two main factors which influenced negotiations for marriage between the two families of the bride and groom. As the bride was unable to provide land, she was expected to take a substantial amount of money to the marriage, which in turn, was given to the father of the groom. In this respect, daughters were considered to be a financial burden on their parents, hence their decision to get their daughter married into a wealthy family as soon as they could. ...read more.


Juliet cunningly gives her mother ambitious answers which sound as if they are critical of Romeo. 'Indeed I never shall be satisfied With Romeo, till I behold him-dead-' Lady Capulet is eager to break the news to her quickly but sees the extent of her unhappiness so decides it is better off she breaks it gently to her instead of throwing the news in her face. 'A sudden day of joy, that thou expects not, nor I look'd not for. Marry my child, early next Thursday morn .'Once she has broken the news to her Juliet is brought back to reality with her mother's announcement and understands where her mother is heading to therefore doesn't hesitate in stopping her immediately. 'I shall not marry yet, and when I do , I swear It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate,' Juliet has become distraught and utterly shocked. Here she decides to break out of her shell as she has lost everything and starts speaking to her parents in a very disrespectful tone. This annoys her mother and she does not want to bother understanding her daughter in the sincerity of the matter. 'Here comes your father, tell him so yourself; and see how he will take it at your hands.' ...read more.


His words go on in a specific rhythm with long sentences broken up by pauses. This creates the effect of the words tumbling out and Lord Capulet becomes breathless and almost hyperventilating because he has become so angry. Shakespeare also gives him lots of questions to try and make Juliet feel guilty. At this scene Juliet becomes a lot more disrespectful towards her parents and becomes defiant and speaks aggressively and roughly. When all else fails and her father has left leaving her hanging on his threat, she turns to her mother who washes Juliet form her hands and turns against her too. 'Talk not to me for I'll not speak a word. Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee.' This Scene is the main turn point in their relationship. As Juliet becomes more attached to Romeo through the play she becomes just as much more distant to her parents. This Scene definitely emphasises the deterioration of their relationship. At the start of the play Lord Capulet was happy to allow Juliet to choose who she wants to marry and showed over protectiveness over her daughter and did not want to loose her whereas here he threatens to disown her if she does not do as he wants. By this time there is nothing left between her and her parents. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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