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The Relationship between Eddie and Catherine

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The Relationship between Eddie and Catherine Catherine lives with her aunt Beatrice and uncle Eddie who are acting as her foster parents because both her real parents had died and she was too young to look after herself. Therefore Eddie and Beatrice bring Catherine up as if she was their own daughter. They live in an apartment in New York, America. They are a middle class family, as Eddie is a porter, Beatrice a housewife and Catherine still in school learning to be a stenographer, although during the first part of the play she is offered a job to practice this. Tensions are shown building up throughout the play, as Eddie is being far too over protective, this shows him to have fatherly feelings towards Catherine although later in the play those feelings turn out to be more. When Catherine tells Eddie she has been offered a job at a big plumbing company he strongly objects to her taking it, his reasons being, she'll be mixing with too many pushy men and not finishing her education, as he says "she'll be with alotta plumbers? ...read more.


Catherine still thinks she's a child and respects what Eddie says too much, Beatrice explains to her by saying "it an't only up to him" that she needs to make her own decisions for now on. She warns Catherine that if she carries on acting the way she does around Eddie then he will never start treating her like a young woman. Rodolpho is an illegal immigrant that came over on a boat from Italy with his brother Marco, they are both Beatrice's cousins, that is why Beatrice and Eddie put them up in their apartment until the get on their feet in America. From the moment Catherine sees Rodolpho she is immediately attracted to him, with his young, blond good looks. Her intensions are made obvious as she quickly inquires if he is married or not (Which he is not, she is pleased to hear). As the play goes on Catherine has a growing love for Rodolpho, as he is good looking, young, friendly, sociable, amusing and entertaining, as he shows off his talents by singing for them. ...read more.


After Catherine sleeps with Rodolpho, she becomes completely besotted with him and intends to marry him. When she sees how resistant and intrusive Eddie is being in her relationship she loses all of her respect for him and becomes scared instead of comforted when she is around him. She develops an intense dislike to Eddie after he kisses both her and Rodolpho, which insult him greatly, as he is not a homosexual. At this point after Eddie kisses Catherine on the lips, Rodolpho draws attention to the fact that Eddie has no real respect for any of them as Rodolpho demands to Eddie "Have respect for her!" in an attempt to pry him off her. This finally shows Eddie's true colours to Catherine as she can now see that he is so desperate to get her back he is willing to do anything. Now that she has a new man in her life to look after her and protect her she is no longer scared of losing Eddie as a father figure. Emma Parrish 10N 08/05/2007 GCSE ENGLISH 'A view from the Bridge' by Arthur Miller 1. ...read more.

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