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The Reports of the Nurse and Frior Lawrence

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The Reports of the Nurse and Frior Lawrence The Nurse I can remember back to when Juliet was but a little child, for me and her had spent many a time together. I have attended her for the entirety of her life, and we had built up a bond as a child would bond between their mother. But when nearing her 14th birthday I told her to "seek happy nights to happy day." But yet I never could have imagined what a horrific tragedy was looming. I can still remember the fateful meeting day, for I interrupt their meeting not because of spite but out of love for I do not want Juliet to sadden when she uncovers Romeo's a Montague. Juliet asked the name of a male standing nearby, she seemed to him as well as asking his name she commented ...read more.


I have never seen her happier. The "wanton" blood spread about her cheeks, all seemed well and happy. The next thing I know is Tybalt was dead, Romeo had murdered him! From hearing this news I didn't know how to react. What had I done, allowing Juliet to marry a murderer? For yet this would mean more bloodshed and anger between the Capulet's and Montague's. I put aside my own grief for loosing a close friend, and gave Juliet the news of her cousin's death and that of the banishment of Romeo. She showed more sadness for the banishment of Romeo than the death of her cousin Tybalt, after this send sends me anyway to find Romeo, and to bring him before her. ...read more.


Juliet then turned to me for advice and all I could tell her was "to forget about Romeo and marry Paris." Juliet then turned and seeks advice elsewhere. For at this moment I can sense the loose of trust between what was an unbreakable relationship. Juliet returns from her seek of advice, and she almost has a merry look upon her face, and was even agreeable to Capulet and lady Caplet's visions of marriage. When I came to wake Juliet for her big day she was sound asleep. It was a shame to wake her as she would soon 'rest but little' but then I realised that something was wrong with my mistress for she stirred not at all. Then I realised that Juliet was dead. Never had I felt such woe at learning of Juliet's death. The only reason I can give for her untimely passing is the loss of her beloved Romeo. ...read more.

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