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The Respective leader ship qualities of Ralph, Piggy, Jack and Simon.

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'The Lord of the Flies' The Respective leader ship qualities of Ralph, Piggy, Jack and Simon. On the island, all four candidates possess different leadership qualities. Although the group elected Ralph as leader, he may not be the ideal boy for the job. The fact that Ralph was holding the conch was one of the main reasons why the group chose him. They had no idea what he would be like as a leader. At first Ralph seems just like any other eleven or twelve year old, just out to have fun. He is excited by the fact that there are no grown-ups on the island, and is not bothered by it at all. Another example of his childish side is where he repeatedly cries 'Piggy', if only to annoy Piggy. Until Piggy correctly informed him, Ralph was oblivious to the fact that the plane they were in had crashed. This is perhaps a sign that Ralph is not as clever or as alert as other people on the island are. Soon after he is told about the plane crash, Ralph is happily and joyfully interpreting the noise of a fighter plane as it glides through the sky, shooting down its opposition. ...read more.


However, physical qualities are not always important in finding a leader and are often just a bonus. When the conch is sounded for the first time, and everyone on the island comes together, we see the arrival of another prospective leader, Jack. Instantly we become aware that Jack is very arrogant and boastful. He automatically believes he should be the leader and he becomes very dominant in the group. Quote: 'I ought to be chief, because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.' It's very clear then, that Jack wants to be the leader of the group. He constantly gives orders out to members of the choir, and they obey him grudgingly, yet responsively. Once the whole group was together for the first time, he immediately sprung into action and commissioned himself a high authority. He announced, 'We've got to decide about being rescued'. When Ralph came up with the idea of building a fire on the mountaintop, the group followed Jack up the mountain, and not Ralph. Jack's ability to grab people's attention and willingly give out orders, is a quality possessed by all good leaders. However, he can be very bossy and arrogant, and in some respects selfish, which is not appreciated by the group greatly. ...read more.


Another example of where Simon is trying to be helpful, is where he helps Ralph with the construction of the shelters. Simon is undoubtedly dedicated to helping the group, which is a good leadership skill. He puts in a lot of effort and works hard, even if the achievement is sometimes small. Overall, I think that all four members of the group have good and bad leadership qualities. All four of them combined would make an excellent leadership combination. However, if I had to choose one of them to be leader I would select Ralph. He is dedicated to the group. He has the ability to think of new ideas. He is physically stronger than other members of the group are. The group has a lot of respect for him, which makes controlling the group much easier for Ralph. I think Jack is just too arrogant, and he would just take advantage of leadership, which wouldn't benefit the group. Piggy would make a great leader if he was able to control the group, but his physical appearance is stopping him from doing this. Lastly, Simon is just too small and weak for leadership, and I think it would be unfair for him to take on such an important and demanding role. By R Emerton 02 October 2001 ...read more.

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