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The Right to Die should be considered Right

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The Right to Die Should Be Considered Right It is undeniable that in present world which is modernized, human beings are going through a stressful life. New traumatic issues and disease are continuously mushrooming which has no solution at all.Consequently,it is affecting human lives in various way, whereby affected people choose to commit suicide to be relieve from their pain, which is an illegal act.Hence,a new method had been introduced to cause death painlessly or in other word mercy killing. Issue on legalizing it has been receiving national attention in recent years but the question is whether the right to die should be considered right or wrong before we even legalize such an act. Though certain countries like America laws do not allow doctors to end their lives but is it believed that it is having a tremendous impact on medicine today and has several beneficial reasons. As for me, I believe that we should have the right to live, but also the right to die if we feel for whatever reason life has no meaning and all we can look forward to is suffering and even no one should face a violent death or uncertain future. Hence, I would strongly stand on my point that the Right to die should be considered right. The most prominent argument as to why humans should be given the right to die especially terminally ill patients as they themselves knew they have no chance of recovery and are just enduring continuous pain. ...read more.


For example, you could say that someone who wants euthanasia might not be in a stable enough mental state to make the decision, which means we could be killing someone who otherwise wouldn't want to die. But the patients could make a documented decision before their health deteriorated on whether or not they felt that euthanasia would be a path for them in case of extreme pain and poor health. Why would any rational person want to be a burden to others if they are in that condition? There are worse things than dying whereby staying alive can be a torturous experience. Shouldn't we be able to have control over our bodies? We should have the right to refuse a meaningless life if filled with pain, whether it is physical or emotional. Human should not end their lives in a violent way just because society won't allow them to die peacefully. It is mandatory for everyone to make out a living will as soon as they are old enough to think about life and death. For instance, a latest issue in New York whereby a young girl suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease and her condition was getting worst as she was only plugged into machines and wired to tubes. She even insisted Doctors to kill her but sadly, she killed herself by consuming poison as the treatment was destroying her dignity. ...read more.


I strongly believe that this sort of people should be given the right to die rather than to lead a meaningless life. Last but not least, giving the right to die may also reduce the spread of disease. Though patients are admitted in hospital in order to cure people but yet there are certain diseases that may affect others as well if kept for longer duration. Giving the right to die may also prevent the situation becoming worst. For instance, a patient in Thailand insisted to be given the right to die because she was suffering from infectious diseases such as meningitis, malaria, strep throat and influenza. She couldn't bear seeing herself suffering but however Doctors ignored her pleas. Later on the disease spread uncontrobally affecting patients staying at hospital. The infection also caused economic damages to the government as well as patients and their families .This is one of the issue that clearly states that human should be given the right to die. In conclude, in order to release from all suffering and unbearable pain, humans should be given the right to die especially the right to die with dignity. It has also been proven that, giving this right will allow one to overcome all the obstacle .So why do we keep people alive when they are suffering and life has no meaning? We should eventually change our attitude towards death and shouldn't see it as enemy. Once again I would firmly stand on my point that the Right to die should be considered Right. ...read more.

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