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The 'right' way to raise teenagers speech.

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The "right" way to raise teenagers Good afternoon to parents of teenagers. Are you having trouble coping with their violent and impulsive behaviours? Are you beleaguered every day about minor issues? Today, I wish to explain to you the ways of raising teenagers. The advice that I will be giving you is all based upon my personal experience. You may easily think that you have not done a very good job at raising your children, when you see them gradually becoming more anti-social, not to also mention the fact that they try to annoy you in every way. When children reach adolescence, they begin to develop a dramatic change in behaviour, especially to people close around them. For example, they start constructing barricades to block their family away. However, this is completely natural. As parents, we will be disheartened by our teens' misconduct. We will be worried if we are not raising them the correct way. We will be curious, to know what our problems are. Some parents may have tried to scold their teenagers as a consequence of their rebellious behaviour. ...read more.


They want independence. Let them be on their own. Another reason teenagers start to rebel and show disrespect towards their parents is because of bad influence. They may either get such ideas from their friends or the easily accessible media, for example, the computer and the television. To us parents, the internet - a place with no limits - is like a charlatan disguised to trick our children. Teenagers have access to unlimited information. Be aware of what yours watch and read. Do not be afraid to restrict your children from using the computer and the television too often. You have to take a clear stand to your teenagers that they cannot use the computer without any permission. Just explain to them that this is because you care for them and that you don't want them go to down the wrong path. However, too much can always make situations worse. Stay within limits. It is indeed quite easy for people to pick up bad habits during their teenage years, such as staying on the internet for too long. However, this is not the only bad habit that is common, smoking is also another habit, which is much worse than using a computer for too long. ...read more.


Talking to the teacher is a great way to start. The teacher knows a lot about their students. Ask them how they behave. My son struggled to keep up to my expectations in school. I was mad at first. Then I decided to consult with his teachers, and found out that he has not been concentrating properly during class. I therefore requested the teachers to split him up from his friends during class. He was able to concentrate better. His grades rose significantly within short amounts of time. But above all else, the best way to raise your teenager is simply through communication. When you interact with a calm and controlled manner, this will be the key to the door of success for your teenagers. You should also never exaggerate how to feel - this is possibly the biggest mistake you could make. Once again, reminding that the sudden changeover of behaviour in your teenagers is completely natural, you need not to worry about them. Don't ever feel that you are the only parent who is struggling to raise his or her children, as every parent will go through the same dilemma at some point. Follow the advice that I have given, and light the paths forward for their future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kang Yun Seok 11S ...read more.

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