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The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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First, we set out from our homeland, Scotland. We sailed on southwards and were picked up by dreadful wind, we found ourselves being controlled by the wind and the sea. There was nothing we could do to stop it, it had driven us to the cold south, were mist, fog and treacherous seas all belong. Then from beneath the emerald green ice grabbed the sides of our ship, we were stationary, unable to move. It was quiet, then when we thought all was lost an albatross came and flew over our ship and it made the ice crack and we sailed north again so for many days we gave it food and played with the creature. Then one awful day when the sun was setting I got my crossbow and did shoot the albatross. ...read more.


Soon our lips were baked black, our throats dry as a bone; surely we would all die soon. But then from out of nowhere a ship sailed towards us, but then I realised how could it be sailing when there was no wind? Then it came between us and the sun (which lay on the east side) then it struck us it was a GHOST SHIP! The sun was like it had been imprisoned. It neared and then I beheld two figures on the ship and these two figures were the only people on board. One was wearing a cloak and was like the most darkness I had ever seen, all in one place, this must have been death. The others skin was as white as leprosy and lips as red as roses and she with no doubt, was life-in-death. ...read more.


It was the lighthouse from the shore we had sailed from. It was my homeland, and then amidst this moment of happiness the ship had started to crack, the ship was sinking. Then I saw a pilot and a pilots boy in a boat then, the hermit I saw, he would cleanse me of my sins but It was too late I had gone down with the ship and I don't know how long I was left afloat but the small boat which I had seen had picked me out of the water and we were rowing for land. When we were at the land I praised god for allowing me to be there and then I asked the hermit to cleanse me and he did. But to this day I am cursed to tell my story over and over. Matthew Roberts 8A Mr. Richmond English H2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE War Poetry section.

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